The Infinity Waterfall

Infinity Waterfall Remastered

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What's in the box:

1 Infinity Waterfall borosilicate hourglass vessel (250ml on each side)
2 Cast glass feet
1 Semi Diffused downstem adapter (14to14mm) for water filtration
1 Shortstem 14mm
Assembled Height: 11in (28cm)

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Slyng Member

Got one from them, gets really gross looking after a couple uses and broke after a week. Their customer service is nearly non existent.

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Slyng Member

testing the reviews function

Item Details

A universal gravity water-pipe boasting groundbreaking fluid dynamics. After months of exhausting R&D focused on features, function and quality. 14mm joints that fits your favorite accessory Comes with a 14 to 14mm semi diffused adapter that makes things magical

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