Cvault Large

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Capacity: 2 oz | 56 grams

Large specifications:
Interior Diameter: 4.75” or 12 CM
Depth / Height: 3.3” or 8.5 CM
¼ inch wide silicone ring to ensure airtight seal.
Humidity pack holder specifically designed to hold your Boveda® Humidity packs.
Latches are engineered to provide an airtight seal; locking in product freshness.
Includes; (2) 8g 62% RH Boveda® Packs.

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The CVault Storage container is designed to help you keep your prized herbs, tobacco, and fresh foods fresh and protected. The container is made of premium food-grade stainless steel with an airtight, silicone seal to keep light out and make it airtight. This lightweight, stackable, and durable container holds up to 50 grams and is the perfect solution to storing your favorite contents. You can label the contents of the vault by writing on the lid with a non-permanent marker which can be wiped off and relabelled. Specifications: The container measures 4.75” x 2.5” (12cm x 6.5cm) with a capacity to hold 28 – 50 grams or 0.7 liters of contents. The Industrial-type latch design features 3 latches on the snap-on lid with a 1/4” (0.25cm) silicone airtight seal to lock in freshness. These CVault storage containers are stackable to save space so you can have multiple containers for different varieties of contents, all neatly stacked in one place. The CVault Large Storage container provides you with the most durable and cleanest airtight container available on the market today. If you are looking for a seal tight storage unit to keep your herbs, spices, and foods fresh, the CVault Humidor is exactly what you need. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it is impenetrable by light and completely airtight.

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