Flux Plasma Bong

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The world's first portable plasma bong is available and in stock now with a coupon code Slyng20 for 20% off our store. This product is available and in stock.

What's in the box:

1 Flux Plasma Water Pipe Unit
1 Handmade glass curved mouthpiece
1 Handmade straight glass mouthpiece
1 10 inch USB port charger

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The Flux Plasma Water Pipe is built to impress. Whether you prefer Concentrates or Flower. The Flux can be customized to accommodate both. The engineers at Flux dedicated several months of intense R&D to ensure the smoothest hit possible. And Knocked it out of the park in the process! Now for the best part! Dim the lights just a tad with your favorite group of friends. Flip the Flux in the ON position. And the light show begins! No other device on the market today will enhance your smoking experience like the Flux Plasma Water Pipe, Guaranteed!!

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