Ryot Wood GR8TR with Jar Body

Seller: Slyng

Introducing the all-new Wood Grinder from RYOT - perfect for those who like their herbs freshly ground! This powerful grinder is made with high-quality wood and comes with an interchangeable glass jar system, so you can grind your herbs however you like. Plus, it's sealable so you can take it with you wherever you go!

-Quick Easy Access to your Herbs
-Walnut Wood GR8TR Grinder
-Magnetic Closure
-Tempered Glass Jar
-High-Grade Silicone Seal
-Patents Pending
-Craftsmanship Guarantee

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The Ryot Wood Grinder is an amazing new way to grind your herbs. The interchangeable and sealable glass jar system makes it easy to use with any RYOT jar or storage system, such as the RYOT Lock R Box, Safe Case, or Jar Cooler Bag. With its patented Kannastör GR8TR design, the Ryot Wood Grinder is sure to be a hit among herb enthusiasts everywhere.

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