Ash Catchers keep your water pipe clean for the best smoke every time. An ash catcher is a bong water pipe accessory that can be easily added and removed. This keeps your favorite bongs cleaner, something


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Why Buy An Ashcatcher For Your Water Pipe?

This is a very common question. Buying an ash catcher may seem like an addon that isn’t that necessary. But this is not true. If you hit your favorite flower pipe often, having an ash catcher can make a big difference when it comes to better filtration and convenience. You can also keep your bong cleaner, allowing you to do deepwater pipe cleaning less.

Ash catchers are also available in a number of shapes, sizes, styles, and they serve up a wide range of percolators too. Smoking enthusiasts can also turn their ashcatchers into a portable water pipe. This can be done by simply attaching a j-hook.

Having a smoking accessory like this is a must-do for cannabis enthusiasts that enjoy smoking regularly, or smoking while on-the-go.

What Does An Ash Catcher Do Exactly?

Ash catchers serve up a number of benefits. For example, an ashcatcher will keep your bong a lot cleaner, especially if you are a relaxed smoker that uses your favorite waterpipe daily.

Ash catchers essentially catch-all that nasty crud and residue from smoking. This Can have an impact on how your rips taste. It can also allow you to get bigger rips over a long period of time without deep cleaning your bong. This smoker accessory also has added percs (literally), giving you a smoother, more flavorful hit.

How Do I Choose The Perfect Ashcatcher?

Choosing the perfect ash catcher for your water pipe doesn’t have to be challenging. You will, however, need to know a few things before buying an ash catcher. Before buying an ashcatcher, you need to know your joint size, gender, and angle.

Some ash catchers will be incompatible with your bong. You can study ash catcher sizes before going forward with a purchase. The following info about joint size, joint gender, and joint angle can help you choose the perfect ashcatcher for your favorite water pipe.

Measuring Joint Size, Gender & Angle For Your New Ashcatcher

  • Joint Size: Joint sizes have an impact on the type of ashcatcher you purchase. Since joint sizes are standardized, you can easily figure out the type of ash catcher you need based on joint size. You will be looking at three primary joint sizes for your water pipe: 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. The ash catcher you buy needs to be the same size as the joint.
  • Joint Gender: Bong joints are either male or female. You will need to pair your ashcatcher with the appropriate opposite gender for the perfect fit. If your water pipe is an 18mm male joint, your ash catcher needs to be an 18mm female. Opposites attract, especially when it comes to joint gender.
  • Joint Angle: Your favorite water pipe will have a joint angle of 90 degrees or 45 degrees. Before buying an ash catcher, you need to ensure joint angle matches. For instance, if your bong is a 14mm male joint that sits at a 45-degree angle, you need a 14mm female joint that sits at a 45-degree angle. Pair them up for the best, clean, smooth, flavorful hit each time.

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