Bowls And Stems

Bowls and stems are essential bong accessories to your water pipe collection. Bowls and downstems give dry herb smokers the ability to customize pipes and rigs. From glass to silicone, bowls and stems


Why Do I Need To Buy Bowls And Stems?

Slyng has a great variety of bowls and stems to choose from. Our smoking accessories help you get what you need. One reason why you may want to buy a new bowl or stem is to customize your smoking experience. Maybe the glass bong you purchased has too small of a bowl and you want to upgrade.

Another reason why you need to buy bowls and stems is damage. Glass bong bowls and stems can be easily damaged. Yes, glass thickness makes bongs pretty durable. However, things happen. A chipped, cracked, or shattered bowl or stem can pretty much ruin your day.

Your favorite flower deserves to be smoked from a well-crafted bowl. Buy the best bong water pipe bowls and stems right here on Slyng today.

What Are The Best Bong Bowls To Buy?

Many bong smokers new to the game may not realize the variety of bong bowls available. But bong bowls come in a variety of styles and sizes. Bong bowls range from 9mm slides to 19mm glass bowls. The size of the bowl will dictate the amount of burning herb for each bong hit.

This can make a pretty significant impact when smoking. If you want a powerful hit from your water pipe, upgrading to a larger bowl may be the optimal choice. Bong bowls have stylish features too. You want to match your personal style with your bong.

Here are a few of the best bong bowls to buy online:

  • Smokea 9mm color-wrapped slide bowls. These slide bowls are compact and serve up a pretty fun look. They are made of thick, durable glass that can take the heat of long sessions.
  • Smoke Cartel 18.8mm male bowl piece. This large glass bowl piece is clear and generally non-assuming. However, when you rip one using this bowl, you get a pretty strong, flavorful pull.
  • Dankstop skull-shaped replacement herb bowl. This is an 18mm male bowl piece that is made from a very thick, durable glass. The colored skull head is all about style, so if skulls are your thing, this may be your bowl.
  • Daily High Club lit two-headed male bowl. This is two bowls for the price of one, which means you are hitting two bowls. It is a thick glass that fits any 14mm female bong stem. 

What Is A Downstem?

A downstem is the long glass tube that goes from your bongs joint to the chamber. This is a must-have water pipe accessory. Even if you are happy with your current downstem, you should have one handy if the one in use is damaged. Or if you want to shake things up style and functionality wise.

Downstems will have slits or holes in order to filter your cannabis smoke from the bowl. This cools down the hit, giving you that pleasurable, pure, smooth pull. Some bongs may not come with a downstem, so check. If you don't have one or want a new one, we got you covered with a great, affordable selection.

Shop The Best Bowls And Stems For Bongs Online

If you’re looking for the best bowls and stems at the best price, we have the best selection of bong and water pipe parts just for you. Do you have more questions about buying bowls and stems online? Contact us or check out our blog for the latest news and reviews. We have the best prices, best selection, and best customer satisfaction.