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Storage containers are perfect for stashing your stash. Containers for dry herbs come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Keep your stash safe and fresh at home or on-the-go with an affordable


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Why Buy A Storage Container For My Stash?

Storage containers, also called stash jars, are great for keeping your dry herbs and tobacco fresh for longer periods. Most storage containers have an advanced sealing system to protect your stash from the outside environment.

When on the hunt for a storage container, look for containers with airtight seals, FDA approved food-safe materials like silicone and other key features that fit your preferences and needs. Keep your flowers at optimal temps, from 77 degrees to 86 degrees with less than 65 percent humidity factor.

Storage containers for dry herbs are also good for keeping your smoking on the DL. With an airtight seal, you never need to worry about someone catching a whiff of your flowers.

What Are The Types Of Storage Containers For My Dry Herbs?

Storage containers for dry herbs come in a number of sizes, styles, shapes, and materials. The size and shape depend on your personal preference. If you want a discreet container to keep your favorite flowers fresh in, a smaller, portable, and non-discrete container may be best.

The material of the container is also important to consider. Storage containers for cannabis are made from a number of materials. Glass, metal, plastic, and silicone are the four main types.

The most popular material among expert smokers is silicone. Silicone is food-safe and very durable. You don’t need to worry about dropping your container or it being damaged when you are taking your dry herbs on-the-go. Silicone containers are also great for keeping your flowers fresh. More so than other materials.

There is almost an endless amount of storage containers available online. Whether you need a large glass jar for at-home storage, or a small, discrete silicone container for hiking, surfing, or just chilling with friends at the park, we have the top selection of dry herb containers online.

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