Downstems are essential for your favorite bong. Without a downstem, your glass bong is nothing more than just a flower vase. Downstems fit securely into the bong joint for optimal smoking. The variety


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What Is A Downstem Exactly?

Downstems come in a variety of sizes and lengths, letting you get the best rip from your favorite bong. Essentially, a downstem is a glass tube that goes from your water pipe joint into its main chamber. Slits and holes of the downstem filter smoke from the bong to the bowl. This increases the cooling effect of each hit for a smoother bong rip.

Your bong may have come with a standard glass downstem. However, some water pipes do not. If you do not have a glass downstem, you definitely need one. Choosing a downstem is easy. It is important to check out the size and shape of your downstem before buying one online.

How Do You Measure Downstems?

Measuring a glass downstem is all about joint size and the length of the downstem. Length is measured from the end of the joint ground to the downstem tip. The tip is the spot where the smoke is actually diffused when you hit your bong.

The measurement goes from beyond the joint to the bottom of the actual glass piece. Getting measurement right is absolutely important when buying a glass downstem. You want it to get in the water of your water pipe without actually touching the base of your bong.

How Can I Measure Before Buying A Downstem At Home?

To measure at home, you first need to know if your water pipe has a male joint or female joint. You can only get a downstem for a female joint. This is because the downstem needs to be inserted inside. Male joints do not allow you to do this. 

The size of your female joint is next. Standard joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. However, bongs that are custom made may have a 12mm female joint measurement. You will need to match your downstem size with your bong female joint size. So if you have a 14mm female joint, the downstem you buy needs to be for 14mm joints.

The length is the last measurement you need to have before buying a downstem online for the perfect fit and smoke. Take a pencil, or something long and skinny, and insert it into the joint. Make sure the bong is filled with water, letting you see what the length will need to be when touching the water. Marke the pencil and then measure the length.

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