Glass Adapters

Get the best glass adapters for your bong and/or rig for the perfect smoking or dab session. Bong and bowl glass adapters make smoking gender-equal, allowing you to adapt and convert any joint gender for


Glass Tips 10MM
by Roor

What Are Glass Adapters For Bongs, Bowls & Rigs?

Glass adapters for bongs, bowls, and rigs are simply glass attachments that serve a few important smoking purposes. An adapter solves any joint gender mismatch, letting you make use of joint gender accessory mismatches.

For example, if you have an ashcatcher that is a male joint, and your favorite bong is a male joint, you can’t use it. Unless you have a glass adapter handy. The glass adapter will make the male joint female for the perfect fit.

You can also use glass adapters for bongs, bowls, and dab rigs to match up, joint size. For instance, if your favorite water pipe is 10mm, but you have a smoking accessory joint size of 14mm, a glass adapter can make size match up. Glass adapters and converters are a must-have smoking accessory.

Why Do I Need Glass Accessories?

Glass accessories are absolutely important for any avid flower consumer and enthusiast. There are glass accessories for bongs, dab rigs, and hand pipes that can protect, clean, and compliment. Glass adapters let you adjust and convert joint gender and size, making it easier to add on your favorite glass accessories.

What Selection Of Bong & Bowl Glass Adapters Are Available Online?

The glass on glass joints connect bongs and dab rigs with reclaimers and ash catchers, as well as a number of other glass accessories. This can improve your smoking experience by leaps and bounds. Not only will you get a cleaner and smoother rip, but you also get more flavorful hits.

The variety of joints and glass adapters is endless. For instance, you can use a glass HoneyHose with your dab rig to convert your honey dab rig into a water pipe. Pretty amazing right? Imagine having a honey dabber and a water pipe in one device. You can with the right glass accessories, adapters, and converters.

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