Grinders, or herb grinders, are essential tools for the avid flower smoker. Herb grinders deliver the best smoking experience, whether you are packing a bowl, or rolling one. Grinders let you get the most

Why Use A Herb Grinder?

Grinders serve up a number of benefits seasoned smokers love, making them a must-have smoking accessory. Herb grinders separate your favorite flowers easily and fast, without losing quality product when using your fingers. Grinding your flowers also allows for better combustion during smoking sessions.

Never reduce potency again. Completely grinding your herbs and packing them into your bowl will get you maximum potency for a more enjoyable hit every time. Get the most from each bowl with one of our affordable grinders.

How Does A Grinder Work?

Grinders are made to crush and splice your favorite dry herbs into small-sized portions. This is what delivers a better smoke. Herb grinders are used for burning bowls, rolling, and more. Compliment bongs with the best grinders online.

How do grinders work exactly? By interlocking the two grinder parts with dry herb inserted between them, you slowly twist, grinding the herb inside. Once the grind is complete, simply twist the two parts apart to find finely ground herbs.

What Are The Different Styles Of Grinders?

One of the most popular styles of grinder is the multi-piece herb grinder. This style has a few moving pieces that grind, as well as serve up storage for your favorite dry herbs. These grinders are the most useful and easiest type to grind flowers or tobacco.

The two-piece herb grinder is the top choice. It has a top grinding piece that is twisted to fully grind herbs. There are also mechanical grinders that grind your herbs with a simple push of a button, and there are four-piece herb grinders as well.

What’s The Difference Between A Two-Piece Grinder And A Four-Piece Grinder?

The two-piece grinder is the most popular, but it doesn’t have a separate storage area connected for your grounded herbs. When you grind your favorite herbs with a two-piece grinder, the herb will be in the grinder itself.

A four-piece herb grinder has a separate container attached to the grinder that catches grounded herb and a kief-catch container. This is a great feature, but slightly more complicated than your average two-piece grinder.

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