Rolling Trays

Rolling Trays for dry herbs are the perfect accessory for smokers. From rolling a joint to packing a bowl, a rolling tray is a must-have in your smoking arsenal. Keep your favorite flowers off the floor


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Why Do I Need A Rolling Tray?

If you smoke, whether using your favorite bong or rolling a joint of dry herbs, a rolling tray is a must. Would you eat cereal without a bowl? Probably not. It is the same when it comes to smoking. A rolling tray is the bowl to your cereal.

Despite the utility of a rolling tray, there is another important reason why you need a tray for your smoking arsenal. The process of rolling one can be super messy. You probably get dry herbs all over your lap, sofa, table, and floor. What a waste.

Rolling trays keep your dry herbs in one spot. And you can match your unique style with a tray that represents you since they come in a variety of shapes and sizes with cool graphics.

What Type Of Materials Are Rolling Trays Made From?

Not all rolling trays are created equal. In many ways, there are more to rolling trays than meet the eye. When you think of trays, you probably think aluminum or metal. Many rolling trays are made from these types of material. But there are other materials rolling trays are made from. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Aluminum — Aluminum is the standard when it comes to rolling trays. It is a traditional material. Aluminum is pretty durable, and it can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. Aluminum trays also come with a greater variety of graphics, from Bob Marley to a marijuana leaf. Aluminum rolling trays are also pretty cheap.
  • Wood — Wood trays are becoming more popular among smokers. Woodgrain trays are more than just trays used for rolling, they are often centerpieces for smoking sessions. You can get wood rolling trays made from different types of wood, like bamboo, oak, pine, and more. This is a stylish way to catch that excess dry herb when rolling.
  • Plastic — Plastic rolling trays are very durable and easy to clean. Many plastic rolling trays come with little hollowed out spaces to hold your rolling papers, torches, and more. You can also get plastic rolling trays with a number of cool prints.

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