Smell Proof Bags

Smell proof bags conceal the aroma of your favorite flowers, keeps your herb secure and safe, and protects bongs and pipes from damage. Smell proof bags are a must-have for your smoking arsenal. Expert


Revelry Around-Towner
by Revelry Supply
$13500 $150.00
Revelry Overnighter
by Revelry Supply
$8500 $100.00
Revelry Companion
by Revelry Supply
$4899 $55.00
Cookies Commuter Backpack
by Cookies SF
$6399 $79.00
Large Smell Proof Bag with Lock
by Formline Supply
Revelry Continental
by Revelry Supply
$17000 $199.00
Cookies Bungee Backpack
by Cookies SF
$9999 $120.00
Cookies Smell Proof Head Stash Bag
by Cookies SF
$3799 $40.00

Why Do I Need A Smell Proof Bag?

If you don’t have a smell proof bag, you definitely need to pick one up online. The top reason why many smoking enthusiasts use smell proof bags is to protect their most valued possessions – Their bongs and pipes

Smell proof bags are a must for keeping your bongs and pipes safe and secure at home and when on-the-go. The added bonus of having the bag smell-proof lets you keep your smoking incognito.

It is like an insurance for those expensive glass bongs, handcrafted hand pipes, and even your prized dab rig. Don’t let a cracked or broken bong or pipe ruin your next session. Get a smell proof bag online via Slyng.

What Sizes Do Smell Proof Bags Come In?

Smell proof bags come in a variety of sizes and styles. There is pretty much a smell proof bag for every avid smoker. These durable bags that protect your favorite smoking essentials can be obvious, or they can be on the down-low.

For instance, smell-proof bags that look like gym bags or purses are perfect for smokers that take their hand pipes on-the-go. Not only are these bags functional, protecting bongs and pipes from damage, no one would ever know what is in them. No smell, and no obvious hints to what your smell proof bag contains.

Buy The Best Bong & Pipe Smell Proof Bags For Sale Online

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