Wicks, like hemp wicks, spark up dry herbs without the taste of lighter fluid or butane. Using a hemp wick delivers a truly flavorful, aromatic smoke. If you want full flavor without the chemical taste,

Why Use Wicks To Light Up?

Wicks are popular among smoking enthusiasts because they provide an alternative to using lighters and torches. This eliminates the chemical aspect of your smoking experience.

The best wicks are often hemp. Wicks are rolled tight and sometimes have an outer coating of wax, like beeswax for example. Wicks also burn at lower temps, allowing you to get a cooler hit from bongs, water pipes, and/or hand pipes. This is a top reason smokers prefer wicks.

Hemp wick is the most popular. Raw and Humboldt Farms brands have hemp wicks that are all organic. If you are planning to use a wick for your next session, consider using a hemp wick.

Why Buy A Hemp Wick?

Hemp has been around for centuries. Hemp was a staple during American revolutionary times. It was used to make sails for ships, rope, clothing, and more. In fact, the rope used by Benjamin Franklin during the famous kite experiment was made from hemp.

However, hemp has been around since the beginning of civilization. It is referenced in the bible and has been used by nearly every civilization throughout history. This is why hemp continues to be used today, especially when it comes to wicks for smoking herb.

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