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10 minutes read

Benefits of smoking out of a bong

Bongs are easily the most popular way of smoking cannabis, due to many factors. You… Read More

Gravity bong

12 minutes read

How To Use A Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are becoming extremely popular in the US, people everywhere are trying to smoke… Read More


17 minutes read

How To Use A Bong

Cannabis use has shot up since the legalization of marijuana and the resurgence of cannabis… Read More


5 minutes read

Cool bongs under $50

A bong is a staple in the smoking community, with every smoker owning at least… Read More

AFM Glass

AFM Glass The Beaker Bong 18″

AFM Glass Company Info Alien Flower Monkey (AFM) Glass is an American glass company that… Read More

discreet bong

7 minutes read

Most discreet bongs of 2023

Smoking bongs are the staple of cannabis culture, with experienced smokers preferring over any other… Read More

red eye tek bongs

5 minutes read

Red Eye Tek Beaker Tube Bong, Aorta Concentrate Recycler, & Hex Top Beaker Bong Review

Red Eye Tek Company Overview Red Eye Tek has combined a futuristic high-tech look with… Read More

is water pipe a bong

Is A Water Pipe A Bong?

When it comes to smoking weed, there are many different options available. Some people prefer… Read More

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