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Company Overview

DynaVap has been an out-of-the-box driving force in the vaporizer industry for years. They hold multiple patents and offer a continually evolving line of “vapcap” products. Their devices are correctly referred to as thermal extraction devices, allowing cannabis users to vaporize dry herb in style, with choices.

DynaVap is an American company, and its vapes are made with titanium. Their devices are designed and manufactured in-house.

Today I will review “The B,” a dry herb vaporizer designed and refined for those looking to shift from combustion to a healthier alternative to blunt wraps or joints.

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“The B” Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

the b

For those that have never tried a dry herb vaporizer or don’t even know what it is, it can be a bit intimidating to use one. But rest assured, these bad boys are not only elementary to use but also much more affordable than any other smoking piece and much more effective. DynaVap has been an expert in perfecting these little devices, so I was excited to try them out.

I spend a lot of money a month on swishers or blunt wraps and even more money on flower since blunts and joints take a lot of weed. I was super excited to try one of these for the first time and even more excited at the prospect of saving money while I smoked.

“The B” came in this little case, and at first glance, it doesn’t look like much. But when I took it apart, I saw that it was much more complex, with five total parts, each catered to the user experience. “The B” comes with a tip, stem, condenser, a screen for filtering, and a cap. It has everything I need except the flower.

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Taking it apart was simple, like taking apart a pen. This also makes cleaning easy after using it, so I know I’m getting a quality piece that will last me a while.

But enough about the device itself, let’s test it out. I ground up some flowers, put them into the condenser, and got ready to smoke. To use a dry herb vaporizer, you simply put the flower in the piece and light the cap. Once the cap is hot enough, it will click, letting you know it’s ready to smoke. To smoke, simply inhale and feel as the smoke hits your lungs.

My first hit with this was magical. It was like taking a hit of a blunt intensified tenfold, without any harshness. Unlike one hitter, this piece is good for 3-4 hits, and the cap doesn’t let the flower inside burn up or lose quality when you light it. It’s the perfect piece for smoking on the go.

Great flavor, efficiency, durability, no combustion, smoke-free, liquid-free, battery-free. What more can you ask for in a smoking piece? Not to mention it’s wholly durable, so I can use it for years and save money on blunt wraps, and my flower will last longer. I am now 100% a believer in Dynavap and all its smoking products.

DynaVap “The B” Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Suppose you’re looking for a new and exciting smoking device. In that case, we highly recommend the dynavap “The B.” This thing is fantastic; it gives you a clean and smooth smoking experience without all the hassle of spending money on traditional smoking devices like swishers and blunt wraps.

Plus, it saves you money in the long run! So what are you waiting for? Try the B today!

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