How do you like to take THC? Are you a fan of vaping and looking for disposable carts that will last the longest? In the hemp market, you’ll find disposable vapes in various capacities. Amongst these, those with larger sizes last longer.

However, that’s not the only factor that affects how long your purchased THC disposable will last. What are the other factors that determine the lifespan of your pen? Let’s find out.

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What Are Disposable Vape Carts, And How Do They Work?


Have you used a vape cart that doesn’t offer any mechanism for replacing vape cart juice or recharging a battery? What option do you have once you finish the vape cart’s battery or vape oil?  You have to dispose of it. That’s what disposable vape carts are. You can’t do anything with them once their battery dies or their cartridge becomes empty.

How do you use a disposable vape cart? If the vaping device consists of a power-on button, switch it on so that the indicator light turns on. What about if there’s no power button? Don’t worry! The disposable vape pen’s indicator light will turn on automatically when you start vaping. 

Once you have turned on the power switch of your disposable vape, please take a deep and slow puff from its mouthpiece. In vape pens without the power button, the indicator light will turn on as you take a draw from it. 

How Long Do These Vape Carts Work, And What Factors Affect Their Lifespan?

How long your disposable vape cart will keep puffing depends on its capacity. For example, a 500-mg disposable vape cart may provide up to 150 puffs, while a 2-gram pen may provide up to 600 puffs. Will you always be able to use your disposable vape cart to its full potential? No! The lifespan of your vape cart doesn’t solely depend on its capacity. There are other factors too, which include:

  • The Length Of Your Puffs

Do you like to take shorter or longer draws through pens? If you take longer puffs, your disposable cart will run out of vape juice faster. Why? Every time you inhale deeply, the vaping device requires more liquid to create enough vapors. 

Let’s say you have a 2-gram THC disposable. If you take 1-second hits daily, your 2-gram pen may last till 600 hits. What if you take a puff for 3 seconds daily? Now, your 2-gram THC disposable may provide you with up to 300 hits.

  • Battery Capacity and Quality

Most vape carts have enough battery charge to accommodate the amount of vape juice they hold. However, the battery can die before you finish all the vape juice. How quickly your vape cart’s battery dies depends on its capacity and how long your draws are. 

If you take longer draws, the vape cart will need more power to vaporize the vape juice, decreasing the battery power faster. So, your vape cart may die before it finishes its vape juice. 

Some vape carts have smaller battery capacities but more vape juice. This can be problematic since you would have to throw away your disposable vape before finishing its juice.

  • Frequency Of Puffs

How many hits do you take a hit from your disposable vape? If you take more than 1 draw per day, your vaping device will use up its juice or battery faster. 

For instance, if you take three 1-second puffs per day from a 2-gram THC disposable, your vaping device may last for only 200 puffs. On the other hand, taking six 1-second hits may make your vape last for only 100 puffs. 

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How Can You Make Your Disposable Vape Cart Last Longer?

Usually, a THC disposable vape cart may work for up to a few months. Sometimes, these vape pens end up dying sooner. Is there any possible way to increase the lifespan of your disposable vape pens? Yes, by taking proper care of your disposable vape pens, you can make them last longer. 

  • Save Your Vape Pens From Heat Exposure

Vape carts don’t do well if they stay in a warm room. Why? Firstly, the cannabinoids in the vape juice begin to lose their potency, making vaping THC ineffective. Secondly, high heat can damage your vape cart and cause vape juice to leak. 

Use drawers or cabinets as storage places to prevent damaging your vape cart from heat. 

  • Keep Disposable Vapes Upright

To avoid any possibility of leakage, you should always keep your vape cart upright when storing them. It’s encouraged to store your vape carts in their original container to maintain their upright positioning.

  • Store Vape Carts In A Protective Case

A protective covering shields the delicate parts of the vape pen. Keeping your disposable vape in a protective case prevents them from getting damaged if mishandled. 

5 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is The Cost Of A 2-gram Delta 8 – THC Vape Cart?

A 2-gram Delta 8 – THC vape cart costs $50.00.

  1. Do THC Vape Carts Contain Terpenes?

THC vape carts contain a collection of terpenes that give them a pleasant aroma. 

  1. What Is The Shelf Life Of THC Vape Carts?

THC vape carts take 1 year or longer to expire, depending on how you store them. 

  1. Can You Keep Vape Carts In A Warm Room?

Keeping vape carts in a warm room is a bad idea. The vape juice inside the vape cart can lose its potency due to the breakdown of chemical compounds.  

  1. What Signs Show That Your Disposable Vape Pen’s Liquid Has Gone Bad?

The following signs show that the vape juice of your disposable vape pen has expired.

  • A noticeable change in the smell or flavor of the vapor.
  • The color of the vaping liquid has changed from light amber to dark brown or black.
  • Sludge or gunk in the vaping oil.

Where To Find The Best Disposables?

Good disposables aren’t available just anywhere. Manufacturers everywhere will claim they have these products but be wary of companies cutting corners and making false claims about their products.

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Takeaway – How Long Does A 2 Gram THC Disposable Last?

A 2-gram THC cart may last as short as a few weeks to as long as a few months, based on how you use it. If you take longer hits often, your vape may run out of battery or oil faster.

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