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How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

Cannabis smokers know how important it is to keep weed fresh and how quickly weed goes stale. It’s a race against time from the moment you purchase the flower, and often smokers feel pressured to smoke it all as soon as possible.

Luckily there are ways to store your weed to keep it fresh and just as good as the day you bought it. There are many ways people don’t know about and may know about but refuse to say it works. We’ll break down all the way to store weed and how effective they are.

So stay tuned and keep reading.

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Why Is it Important To Keep Your Weed Fresh?


Cannabis is no different from any other perishable product – too much moisture will speed up the decay process, and too little will damage the terpenes and flavonoids. Maintaining the perfect humidity level and temperature is essential for preserving cannabis quality, especially if you want to avoid side effects like mold growth!

To ensure your canna-goods remain fresh for as long as possible, store them in an airtight container at room temperature. That’s your best bet for achieving bud perfection every time!

What Happens When Weed Isn’t Fresh?

If you’re serious about cannabis consumption, it’s essential to ensure it stays as fresh as possible. Too much moisture creates an ideal environment for mold growth and mildew formation. However, if the humidity levels are too low – too dry – then the delicate terpenes and flavonoids can quickly degrade, compromising the flavor and quality of the weed, as well as encouraging microbial growth.

Avoid drying out your flower too terribly – harsh inhales from too-dried-out weed can cause scratchiness in your throat and lungs.

Keep that goodness padlocked in with good practices so you won’t be coughing up a storm each time you consume!

How Light and Oxygen Affect Potency

When light and oxygen come in contact with your cannabinoid-rich cannabis flower, they can have a profound effect. UV rays can degrade your ganja over time, robbing it of its potency, which is why sunshine should be kept far away from your stash.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays and oxygen can convert THCA to THC, and soon you’ll have nothing left but CBN with no intoxicating effects… not exactly ideal!

Oxygen will also wreak havoc by oxidizing your precious terpenes, resulting in an unpleasant grassy smell, displaying a surefire sign that the shelf life is ending.

Way To Store Weed Properly

Now that we know the dangers of improperly storing weed let’s talk about the best methods of keeping your cannabis flower fresh and ready to smoke at all times. Storing cannabis in an ideal location and keeping it at a specific temperature is only half the task of keeping it fresh.

Here are some of the best methods of maintaining your cannabis flowers.

Glass Jars w/a Lid

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Mason jars are probably the weed connoisseur’s storage solution of choice – and for good reason! Not only are these ubiquitous glass jars affordable, but they come with the added benefit of creating an airtight container in which your beloved flower can chillax to its heart’s content.

Plus, glass won’t affect your bud’s delicate aroma or taste, unlike metal or plastic options. So if you think mason jar munchies sound better than plastic-induced static charge, investing in a few glass weed jars is the way to go.

This airtight glass container is perfect and one of the most obvious solutions.

Vacuum Sealing

If you’re looking to ensure your favorite bud stays fresh and flavorful over the long haul, vacuum sealing is a great way to go. By eliminating excess moisture and air, sealed bags are the ideal way to keep your weed in top condition for months.

Not only that, but it also helps prevent any possible disruption to the flavor by shielding it against airborne contamination. So if you’re after fresh flower goodness into perpetuity, get vacuuming; it’s great for long-term storage.

The only downfall to vacuum sealing is that once you rip open the bag, you will have to move the weed into another storage solution.

Medicine Bottles

Medicine bottles provide an easy and secure solution. Before using one to keep your weed fresh, ensure that the bottle has been properly sanitized and dried; otherwise, your weed could become a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Many individuals store weed in these containers due to the convenience and safety they offer, but they don’t do much regarding smell control.

To ensure your weed stays fresh longer, you may consider getting a permanently sealed container from a local dispensary that does its best to fend off odors. These bottles are worth considering if you want your weed to stay fresher for longer.

Resealable Packs

Resealable packs are the weed storage jackpot. Not only are they super convenient and air-tight, they also take weed freshness to an all-new level by automatically regulating humidity levels. Ever had weed that tastes funny? That’s because it was stored in an environment with unmonitored moisture, breaking down trichomes and reducing potency.

But with resealable packs containing salt and water-absorbent beads, worry no more! These little bad boys will detect any imbalances and regulate relative humidity to keep your weed fresher for longer. Weed enthusiasts rejoice!

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Titanium Containers

Regarding storing marijuana, titanium containers are the way to go. Not only do they let air in at the correct rate, ensuring ideal relative humidity levels for the buds, but air-tight containers also protect your medical marijuana from unwanted outside elements or odors.

Titanium is a perfect weed buddy that doesn’t want you to compromise on flavor and scent. Plus, if you’re willing to shell out a few more bucks, some titanium containers even come equipped with man-cool accessories like grinders.

Tips To Keeping Weed Fresh

To keep your top-shelf bud fresh, treat it like green gold! Ensure your environment is room temperature, away from light sources, and as airtight as possible. Do not freeze your cannabis; keep it far away from the icebox to avoid freeze damage.

Use an air-tight glass or metal container to ensure optimal storage conditions.

Where To Find The Best Products For Storing Weed?

The best weed storage accessories make any stoner happy and optimize their smoke sesh. These air-tight containers or bags may seem minor or unnecessary, but once you try them, you will never want to return them. Whether you prefer flower, rolling, or dab rigs, there is an accessory that will make your life easier.

Most of these storage solutions won’t be found in your local smoke shop, but you know you can find them at Slyng provides you with the best marijuana smoking containers in the market, working with some of the best marijuana brands in the industry.

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How To Keep Your Weed Fresh – Conclusion

All in all, these are some great solutions for storing your bud. They’re easy to use and’ll keep your Mary Jane fresh, giving you the best possible value for your cannabis. Now, rest assured and take your time going through your cannabis flower.

So why not try them today? You never know. You might be surprised at how well they work.