Bongs are the ultimate smoking accessory. Choose from the best selection of water bongs at the best bong prices online. For centuries, bongs have been a cultural centerpiece around the world. Bongs remain

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Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe
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$12999 $160.00

Why Use A Bong?

Bongs are the ultimate when it comes to getting the best smoking experience. The filtering and cooling a bong delivers is the advantage.

You have probably noticed that murky water buildup after using a bong for a lengthy amount of time. That murky water is the collection of toxins, tar, and ash from smoke. This is why most seasoned smokers use bongs. They protect your lungs, throat, and mouth from all that crud.

A water bong also serves up a comfortably cooling smoke that joints and hand pipes (link) simply don’t deliver. This eliminates that burning throat sensation when smoking.

Why Are Bongs Popular?

The above covers a few major benefits of why bongs are popular. The fact that they deliver the cleanest, smoothest and biggest hits makes them a top choice.

Did you know that smokers have been turning to the bong for centuries? They were in use during the 16th century Ming Dynasty in China. And one of the oldest bongs was found in Ethiopia, Africa, carbon-dated to the 1300s.

Bongs are still as popular in today’s culture as they were in those ancient civilizations. You can buy a wide variety of them at great prices, depending on your smoking preference and personal style.

What Types Of Bongs Are There?

There are many different kinds of bongs. They vary in shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. Here are a few different types of water bong materials:

  • Glass Bongs. Glass bongs are the king of all bongs. There is nothing like smoking from a glass water bong. They deliver the most flavorful and smoothest smoke. They are, however, the most expensive. But you definitely get quality for your investment.
  • Acrylic Bongs. These are plastic bongs that are lightweight and very durable. If you need a travel bong that you don’t want to worry about breaking, this is a good option. They are also among the cheapest available.
  • Silicone Bongs. Silicone bongs have become pretty popular lately. Since silicon is a soft and pliable material, these types of bongs are said to be unbreakable. Great for travel and pretty cheap.  
  • Ceramic Bongs. This type of bing material is also pretty popular. What makes ceramic bongs great are the different shapes and styles they come in. You could say that these are the most artistic of water bongs.

What Is The Best Bong For Me?

Water bongs come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. This can make it tough to know, “What is the best bong for me?” Here are a few bong types for almost any smoking preference:

  • Straight Tube Bongs. These are also known as “straight shooters” and they are the classic bong type. They are straight, no-nonsense, right to the point. Think big direct hits and easy cleaning. 
  • Beaker Bongs. This type of water bong has a sexy taper outward that delivers a powerful, big hit. Beaker bongs are not only great for smoking, but they also have a novelty to them. 
  • Multi-Chamber Bongs. If you are looking for greater filtration with a smoother hit, this is the water bong type for you. They can be a bit difficult to clean, but it can be worth it.

Regardless of the type of bong you choose, going with any bong seriously improves your smoking enjoyment. Nothing like the smooth, clean hit of a bong.

How Does A Bong Work?

When you pull the smoke through the downstream and chamber, water bubbles up. This bubbling effect is what filters out the nasty crud while cooling the smoke at the same time. For professional smokers, this may be a pretty silly question and answer. However, it’s always good to keep the beginner or novice smoker up to date. 

If you’re looking for the best bongs at the best price, we have the water bongs for you. Do you have more questions about bongs? Contact us or check out our blog for the latest news and reviews.