Acrylic Bongs

If acrylic nails are just for girls, then boys can rejoice with acrylic bongs. Plastic bongs and water pipes are old news! Acrylic bongs seem to be the new must-have in every stoner's room.

Considered a perfect choice for those who want their smoking to be a sensual, as well as visual experience, the acrylic bong is one cool way to get the most of your weed. Besides being stunning to look at, an acrylic water pipe packs a powerful hit unlike other bongs, plus you don't have to fear of ever breaking it like you would with glass bongs.

Although many prefer it because it's pretty affordable, the smoke and fumes from acrylic water pipes can be more toxic compared to a glass bong. On the other hand, Acrylic plastic might have a bit of a mixed flavor, but with regular cleaning and maintenance, you can have one majestic-looking, cool bong everyone would want a hit of. However, those who do not mind having a cheaper alternative and have experience with plastic bongs might get the high they're looking for from the gorgeous acrylic water pipe!

What is an Acrylic Bong?

The basic difference between an acrylic bong and a glass one is that acrylic bongs belong in the plastic bong family. The thing about acrylic material is that it's believed to be less toxic than other plastic water pipes. Although they share some features with glass bongs, acrylic bongs are much more durable. Also, they're famous as the clearest plastic bong on the market.

Since glass bongs come with hefty prices and you can find good ones only when exclusive discounts are available, the acrylic bongs represent a suitable, even prettier alternative. With acrylic water pipes, you get the most out of your money knowing that the plastic won't break any time soon. On the other hand, glass bongs can break very easily and there's no way of fixing that.

It's the perfect smoking apparatus that you can take while traveling since you won't have to worry about its durability when it's in your suitcase. Although it's not entirely see-through, an acrylic bong is among one the highest quality products for cannabis-lovers, except for the fact that it can interfere with the taste of your weed.

Smokers usually have some issues with cleaning them. Unlike glass bongs, acrylic water pipes come in a variety of colors. While visually appealing, this makes it hard for the user to see what exactly it is they're smoking and when it's time to clean the filters. Meanwhile, another great part about acrylic bongs is that they're recognizable for being pretty lightweight, unlike glass bongs which can become excruciatingly heavy if you have to carry them in your backpack.

What are the Benefits of Acrylic Bongs?

Despite always remaining in style, being available in all shapes and sizes, and at affordable prices, acrylic bongs have more than a few benefits that make it the perfect next bong to purchase. An acrylic bong is worth becoming part of your collection!

An acrylic Bong is Cheaper

Acrylic bongs are much cheaper than glass ones, and this doesn't only refer to special promotions and coupons. It might be acrylic plastic, but you won't have to worry about breaking it and replacing it with a new, even pricier one.

An Acrylic Water Pipe is Durable

With an acrylic bong, you can take it wherever you go, and pile all kinds of things on top of it and it still won't break. It is one of the sturdiest constructions the cannabis industry has ever invented.

Acrylic Bongs are Stylish and Portable

Since the material is predominately plastic, the acrylic water pipe is your perfect lightweight travel buddy for a park outing, a trip to the beach, or mountain climbing. They're also available in a wide range of colors, making them the perfect gift for your stoner girlfriend.

The biggest downside to owning an acrylic bong is the fact that the smoke doesn't hit as smooth as a glass bong would and the metal bowl piece and stem make the construction very easily heated which makes it extremely hot to the touch.

Tips for Purchasing an Acrylic Bong Online?

If you've decided to purchase an acrylic bong, whip out your credit card, and browse the web for the best bong-selling website aka Slyng! Just type in the best bongs for sale and browse the site! Whichever one of the pages draws your attention, make sure to take a look at the full page and don't do just a quick view.

  • A credible site will ask for your age, as well as offer a shipping option. You might even be required to create your account or fill in a form that guarantees you're over 21.

  • Make sure that the acrylic bongs you're looking at are of high quality, regardless of their price. Pay attention to their construction, are they sturdy or easily breakable? For example, an acrylic water pipe is supposed to have metal tubes and a bowl, and maybe even a filter.

  • Besides making sure that you're purchasing an acrylic water pipe from a reputable site, make sure there are given reviews and commentaries underneath every product. This way you'll know you're not getting fooled because you can rely on other people's opinions.

If you have trouble locating the perfect site, converse with your peers about any suggestions on acrylic bongs. Anyone at Slyng can help you out as well.

Are Acrylic Water Pipe Bongs Right for You?

Although their flavor hits different, and some might consider them less savory than glass bongs, acrylic bongs are super-suitable if you have a trip coming up or you love smoking from a bong wherever you go. They're not only pretty light to carry, but they're also not easily breakable. As for health-wise, acrylic bongs are not the best choice. Because they're plastic, the weed can get mixed up with the other contributing materials. After many rounds of smoking, your acrylic bong will also need a lot more cleaning.

Acrylic bongs might be the right pick for you if you love stylish bongs with lots of colors. Although you can find one available at every color on the market, it might be difficult for the smoker to see whether the water needs changing or if there's ash that needs cleaning. Also, smokers should be wary because acrylic bongs are known to emit harmful smoke, unlike glass bongs.

People Also Ask about Acrylic Bongs?

Even though we went through some of the basics when it comes to acrylic bongs, smokers usually have a ton more questions to ask. Worry not, as in the following, we'll discuss some queries individuals often have about acrylic bongs.

How Do You Clean an Acrylic Bong?

Acrylic bongs are usually made of a few removable parts, including a downstem, bowl, mouthpiece, and caps. This means that to clean your bong you have to first take it apart.

To get the bowl neat, make sure to add alcohol and salt and then rinse it with water. Let the alcohol wash the parts for a minute, and shake it up to get the mixture going. The acrylic part of the bong is easily cleaned with just a wet wipe or bong cleaner for plastic.

Don't use glass cleaners or other strong chemicals as they might damage the plastic. The rinsing water should be lukewarm to hot to properly clean the alcohol. You'll also need to scrub any leftovers or residue from your bong with a toothpick or brush available at any dispensary. Don't forget to regularly change your bong water after every use.

Are Acrylic Bongs Safe for You?

Although veteran smokers will advise you that there's nothing safer and more satisfying than glass bongs, acrylic bongs might be a safe choice if you can take care of them. If you regularly clean your acrylic water pipe, then you save yourself from consuming toxic fumes. It's also a good idea to change the water frequently and rinse it with water and alcohol.

Are Acrylic Bongs Dishwashers Safe?

If your acrylic bong is of high quality and you haven't made a total mess out of it, it's perfectly safe to wash it in your dishwasher. Because they're very durable, acrylic bongs are some of the safest types of bongs you can easily wash in the dishwasher.