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Badass Bongs

A tale as old as time. Weed has been enjoyed since ancient times. Rolling a joint may be fun, but it's time to accept the fact that using a bong is better. Word is out that some badass bongs are rocking the scene and are only a Pinterest log away.

It may never have crossed your mind that the free Pinterest app can be the place to find a great bong and pipe smoke collection. Many customers have been searching for similar ideas popular elsewhere, but using your Pinterest log can offer access to some Badass Glass bongs.

Many are surprised to find the treasures hidden behind the Badass Glass collection offering some of the best bongs for sale. Using the free Pinterest app to search for a bud vase or glass bong, we stumbled across their section of similar ideas popular and discovered pieces that are out of this world. Bongs in every imaginable shape, size and with a rather unique design.

The glassblowing talent of two brothers turned into an interesting business of selling badass pipes and bongs. With a wide selection of dag rigs, bongs, pipes bubblers, and other accessories, Badass Glass offers a wide selection of well-known glass collection brands.

What is a Badass Bong?

Before we go on to Badass Glass bongs, a few words about bongs in general. Bongs, also known as water pipes, are a great alternative for joint smoking. Of course, you need to be of age to sign up for this pleasure. A bong offers an effective smoking method by simply packing the herb, lighting it, and inhaling, while at the same time providing a cleaner hit.

The water pipe or bong shapes and designs have undergone many changes. From a plain bamboo tube to a modern bong smoked and enjoyed by many. Some of the best badass bong types include:

  • Standard bong - regular bongs that use water to filter the smoke.

  • Percolator bong - enable extra cooling and filtration. Offers a smoother hit and filters the smoke before reaching the lungs. The percolator mechanisms range from the showerhead, tree, honeycomb, and inline style.

  • Ice bong - responsible for some of the smoothest hits. By putting ice cubes in the bong's upper tube, the smoke is cooled and easy to inhale. The notches inside the tube catch the ice pieces that melt.

  • Recyclers - cool down the smoke through the use of a two-chamber system.

Badass bongs are not just based on their type but on functionality and features. The best badass water pipes will have the great characteristics to help produce the best smoke such as ice catchers and ash catchers. They will have extra chambers or percs to have better smoke filtration. These aren't your average bongs!

What is Badass Glass Bong?

Badass Glass offers carefully picked and thoroughly inspected bongs for sale. Some of their characteristic features include symmetry, thickness, and beauty. Their designs are eye-catching and are great if you wish to show off your badass glass bong at your next party. The attractive designs of gas masks, disco balls, tree percs, or silicone hybrid bongs are just some of the unique ideas you can use for pleasure and at the same time to decorate your home.

There is a selection of 14 other famous brands to choose from offered on their website. One of these brands is Diamond Glass offering some of Badass Glass's favorite and best bong pieces. They are California-based blowers who are not afraid to experiment with their products' design. Since they are so amazing, we decided to feature them on our badass bong page. We believe they have the best selection of badass glass.

What Are The Benefits of a Badass Bong?

A widely enjoyed and popular smokers' tool, modern bongs are pieces of art that include many features and benefits. The biggest benefit is probably the cleaner and healthier smoke received through the water filtration of the herbs.

A bong can also be a star of the party because it can be enjoyed by many users. The simple task of loading crushed dry herbs to fill the tank is convenient when you have guests over and want to enjoy a hit altogether.

The popularity and durability of Badass Glass are among the many benefits they possess. The uniqueness of the design, the precise craftsmanship, and the quality materials add to the value of these pipes and bongs. They are also a great smoking accessory offering a smooth and unique smoking experience.

These bongs also come in some unusual shapes like a graphic, animal, glow-in-the-dark, and penis-shaped bong. If you have a friend who enjoys weed smoking, the Badass Glass bongs are the perfect gift. No need to come up with ideas on what to buy. Simply find the bong that most suits your friend's personality for the right price and watch them be overjoyed with your sense of humor and thoughtfulness.

Other than being fun and unique, Badass bongs can also be used by patients as part of their treatment plan to cure a disease. Everyone needs some fun and light in dark times, and Badass Glass bongs can bring a smile during difficult times. Taking the herbs is easier with a bong or a water pipe. It's cleaner and healthier, removing toxic components from the smoke, at the same time protecting the lungs and the respiratory system.

Where Can I Buy a Badass Bong?

To purchase Badass Bongs, all you need to do is check out their largest online smoke collection. Create an account by providing your age, a strong password and you are free to shop as much as you like. The site is well organized and easy to navigate. The products are divided based on what you are looking for.

There is a huge selection of tube, pipe, and bong masterpieces. When going through the bowl pieces, you will probably want to add the interesting cosmic bloom or rose gold designs to the wishlist. Or if you forgot to do that, you can always check out the recently viewed section at the end to go back to a piece that you liked.

Badass bongs offer a possibility to search through their sales offers and choose products that you can purchase as a treat. When looking through a product, the customer is offered a short description of the bong, including the mouthpiece or downstem info. You have information on whether the products are in stock, about the money cost, whether they are on sale and if they have free shipping.

Once you have selected one of the silicone or glass bongs intended for enjoying tobacco or weed, check the cart to make sure you have added every piece you wanted and continue to checkout.

Final Thoughts: Badass Water Bongs

If you are dedicated to using a bong, you are in for quite an enjoyable experience. Looking for a sign on how to choose the best bong on the market? Look no further! Badass Glass has everything you need and more.

Choose a food-theme bong with a bent or straight neck, light in weight, cosmic or lifesaver bowl piece, or simply replace your downstem with one made of borosilicate glass. Read how customers have evaluated the products to help you make the right choice. Add everything to your cart, get a sales discount and free shipping, and you are all set.

Whether flying solo or joined by your friends, fix a date for your next party and spread the word about your new Badass Glass bong or a Diamond Glass bong. We are sure your party will be a smashing hit!