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Unfortunately, many consider glass to be the end-all and be-all of bong materials. As great as glassware may be at offering smooth hits when smoking herbs, even the most resilient pieces are prone to shatter. If you expand your horizons a bit, there's a world of water pipe alternatives waiting to be discovered. Now, often you’d look at acrylic or silicone pieces, but there’s another, somewhat more niche - option.

Even if you aren’t new to alternative bong materials, bamboo wood can often get overlooked. However, there's a long-standing tradition of bamboo water pipes - and for good reason. A more durable choice than glass, bamboo bongs are used, made, and beloved by many. For those new to the peculiarities of wooden or bamboo pipes, we’ll cover everything you need to know.

What is a Bamboo Bong? 

A bamboo bong is, simply put, a water pipe made of bamboo. For some, a Bamboo water pipe may be a new concept, but in truth, they’ve been around for centuries. Matter of fact, ‘Baung’ is a Thai word referring to a cylindrical tube or pipe made of bamboo. This is where the word ‘bong’ originates from. So, bamboo bongs, whether you’ve heard of them or used one or not, have had a major influence on the smoking community.

Bamboo is surprisingly resilient, too, and contains about 70% silica, which is almost the same amount as found in borosilicate glass. All-in-all, a bamboo bong is a tried-and-true method of smoking herbs and might become your new favorite option.

What are the Benefits of a Bamboo Bong? 

There are several ways of smoking cannabis and certainly many types of bongs. But, you may be wondering, why specifically choose a bamboo water pipe? There are several benefits to purchasing a bamboo bong, and we’ll go over all of them. By the end, you might just be ordering your very own piece.

They’re Safe and Durable

Bamboo is a flexible and strong material, which makes for good and resistant bongs. It’s not easy to break, unlike glass pieces. Not only that but the bamboo used for water pipes will be treated and cured to make it even longer-lasting and able to handle the heat. With a natural beeswax-coated interior, you also won't have to worry about bamboo particles.

They're Budget-friendly 

Good quality and high-durability glass pieces can cost you a fortune. Bamboo bongs in comparison are fairly cheap. The price will ultimately depend on the size and type of bong you choose, however you can find pieces for even under $20.

Bamboo is Environmentally-friendly

Not only is it a surprisingly strong material, but bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants on Earth. This makes it a great eco-friendly option - more than many other bong materials. While Bamboo is most common in Asia and South America, it can thrive in any tropical, sub-tropical, or temperate climate zone. Thus, there’s no need to ship materials, or bongs themselves, from far away - they can be produced right in the USA.

Natural Oregon-grown Bamboo

You can easily find handcrafted bamboo bongs for sale. Not only will you be helping the planet and community by choosing products made of locally-grown materials, but you'll get a unique and quality water pipe. You can buy a piece handmade in Portland - from natural Oregon-grown bamboo - for around $60.

Organic Hawaii-harvested Bamboo

Bamboo isn't native to Hawaii, but it's been brought over and grown there for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years. When it comes to finding a bamboo bong Hawaii can offer some amazing pieces made of Maui-grown black bamboo. These will go for a higher price - even reaching hundreds of dollars - but you may find them well worth it.

Unique Design

Speaking of worth, bamboo bongs are a quality purchase simply for their appearance.
A bamboo bong, even one with the most simple shape, is made with hand-cut, carefully selected materials. This is sure to catch anyone's eye, not to mention a lot of pieces have way more going on. The bowl and downstem may be from a different material, one that can better withstand constant exposure to heat, but this contrast can add charm and individuality to bamboo bongs.

How Do You Clean a Bamboo Bong?

While their glass counterparts can be cleaned and sterilized pretty easily, bamboo bongs require a bit more care. Bamboo bongs will be coated with natural beeswax to provide proper waterproof sealing, as well as a better smoking experience - and it works great. This means, however, that you should never use hot water when cleaning the bong. You should also never use harsh abrasives such as grain salt. So, how do you clean bamboo bongs then? Quite easily, really. Simply, fill up the bong halfway with isopropyl alcohol and a cup of uncooked rice, then shake.

Tips for Buying a Bamboo Bong Online

You can always try to hit up your local store, however, you might not find the best bongs there. The best way to shop, and the one that offers the most variety, is through your browser. When looking to buy a bamboo piece, always consider:

  • If the site or seller you're buying the item from is secure - online reviews can help you determine if you're getting a fair deal, and not buying into a scam;

  • The desired size of your bong - not only will different sizes suit different smokers, but they'll come at varying price ranges;

  • Your budget - many things can impact the cost. While bamboo bongs are mostly affordable, don't overspend and make sure to consider shipping prices;

  • The bong features and accessories.

Is a Bamboo Bong Right for You?

Bamboo bongs are a safe and efficient way of smoking cannabis and other carefully selected herbs. These types of water pipes are a more budget-friendly option than glassware, yet still offer a quality smoking experience. With a beeswax layer for proper waterproof sealing, bamboo bongs let you enjoy every hit to its fullest.

A bamboo water pipe is worth looking into for a couple of reasons. For starters, these bad boys can absorb plenty of damage. This makes bamboo bongs one of the more ideal choices for clumsy smokers. Bamboo bongs are not only resilient when dropped, but can handle their fair share of active usage.

Another reason to go with a bamboo bong is if you're looking for a greener choice. The material is environmentally-friendly, so not only will your wallet thank you for choosing bamboo, but so will the planet.

If that's not enough, a bamboo bong can be both a novelty and a decorative piece. If you haven't tried bamboo water pipes, it's an exciting new venture to look forward to. And for those who are into ornate pieces, bamboo bongs can come in beautiful hand-cut forms - which also happen to be fully functional!