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Beaker bongs have the classic laboratory beaker shape and classic cannabis smoking experience. Nearly every cannabis fan has a fond beaker bong memory. Beaker bongs today have multiple percolators, ice

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When it comes to relaxing after a full day at work - having a toke from a bong while lying on the couch is probably one of the most wholesome feelings out there. But, this doesn't just concern your regular bong, but beaker bongs, aka glass beaker bongs, too.

Water pipes are one of the more laid-back smoking options that don't require users to grind or make a joint or a spliff. Trust me, you won't regret getting a beaker bong instead of wasting time on rolling up a perfect doobie. Read on to learn why beaker bongs and straight tube bongs are perfect for your grandest smoking experience. First thing's first, let's get properly acquainted with what an actual beaker bong is and how you can use it as a dab rig.

What is a Beaker Bong?

Beaker bongs are your good old water pipe that's attached to a broad bottom which provides the bong with more sturdiness, whilst smooth smoke exhales out of it. Beaker-style bongs are mostly made of borosilicate glass - at least the good ones are - and are far more durable compared to traditional and straight tube bongs.

The concept of these thick glass, beaker-style bongs is based on the beakers which are similar to those you'll see in a laboratory. A beaker bong might have a somewhat spherical bottom which makes for a slimmer and round pipe. For all of you inexperienced smokers out there - using beaker bongs as dab rigs is perfectly fine - just exchange the legal dry herb you're smoking with oil or wax. These bongs have an ice pinch as well, so you can throw in some ice cubes and make the tokes even smoother.

What are the Benefits of Beaker Bongs?

There are many benefits to trusting a beaker bong with your next high. Continue reading to see why beaker bongs are amazing!


First off, when you look at the shape of a given beaker bong, you'll immediately notice that it's made in such a way that it doesn't fall if you accidentally nudge it. This means that a beaker bong is a lot sturdier than your classic straight tube water pipe.

Higher Water Filtration

A beaker bong works as any other bong but with more water filtration. This means that the more water there is, the more bubbles it percolates when you take big hits. As the smoke goes up and gets cleaned through the bong water, you can expect no toxins in the smoke.

More Extras

The beaker bong styles carry other valuable assets compared to your regular straight tubes. Since the water chamber is actually a bigger bowl piece compared to a straight tube bong, it also has more room for water which makes the hits and smoke significantly bigger.

Use of Percolators

Another benefit of beaker bongs is that they allow you to use percolators. Percolators filter in a beaker bong smokes far better than just taking a hit without them. You can't add percolators to straight tube bongs since many perc types can't fit the straight bong base.

Quality Glass Matters

An ice pinch works wonders with beaker bongs, specifically glass bongs. Cheap beaker bongs don't usually have borosilicate glass, but expensive glass bongs that belong to the beaker style are sure to incorporate this thick glass. Aside from glass thickness and boasting durable glass, beaker base bongs and their tiny counterparts - the mini beaker bong or bubbler.

These have great diversity, excellent quality, and superb inventiveness in their design. The greatest benefit of using beaker base bongs. However, must be the fact that they can be used as dab rigs that contribute to an even better smoking experience.

Tips for Buying a Beaker Bong Online

There are certain aspects that you must keep an eye out for when considering bongs for sale at an online smoke shop or headshop. It's not enough to just fancy a certain beaker bong and buy it without any thought put into it- this way, you'll most likely end up scammed or get a less than satisfying bong.

To help you make a beaker bong wiser pick, here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind:

  • Before you purchase products from an online headshop, read user-submitted reviews for the beaker base bong you are interested in. Providers have these on a designated website.

  • Look at the specifications of the beaker bong more closely. If the beaker base is made from thick borosilicate glass - you've decided good, since it's more durable than regular bases.

  • Don't go for the most eye-catching bong. While this works since manufacturers have put a lot of work into it, always be wary of the quality first and then the bong aesthetics.

  • Getting a bigger bowl beaker is the best way to eliminate tar particles since the vaporized substances are cleansed with more water.

  • See if the bong is used or not, since you don't want to buy a dirty bong from the get-go.

  • If you can't find a glass beaker, get a ceramic one, because this material has an equally great surface and is quite durable.

  • Percolators are a great addition to beakers, so you can be on the lookout for a percolator beaker with an added ice-catcher - and maybe even a good ol' ash catcher.

  • Don't be afraid if you get a removable downstem bong since these are well-incorporated in beaker bongs.

Ultimately, getting a beaker bong online entails some risk and requires proper caution when choosing. But if you follow these tips - you'll surely get the bong that gets you high right.

Is a Beaker Bong Right for You?

A beaker bong is one of the most, if not the most wanted smoking gear. It has a bigger base, comes with lots of smoking accessories like ash and ice catchers, and allows bigger but more controlled rips than your classic water pipe.

A simple beaker is great even for beginners, but we would advise you to get a mini beaker bong or small bubbler if you're a newbie. The beakers also can be used as dab rigs and have many benefits - they cleanse the smoke better, come with a sturdier and wiser base, etc. Since it's bigger than your average bong, know that you'll need a bigger area to place it. All in all, you won't regret getting a beaker bong to cool down that smoke. Do the smart thing, and get yourself a glass beaker, so you can enjoy its see-through perks and clean it easily as well.

People Also Ask About Beaker Bongs

Beaker bongs are one of the most popular types of bongs. They are sturdy, hold more water, ability to filter smoke, and have customizable features. Due to their popularity, people have many questions about them. We will answer the most common questions about beaker base bongs.

How Do You Clean a Beaker Bong?

First, detach all parts that can be removed from the bong - the pipe and the mouthpiece. Next, get isopropyl alcohol (91% should do the trick), and salt (preferably coarse), and mix the solution well. Five minutes is enough for the parts to be soaked in the mixture and come up spic and span. After the soaking, give the parts a good rinse with soapy water, then let them dry off in the sun, or in a dry area at home. Your beaker bong is now squeaky clean and ready to use!

How Much Water Do You Put in a Beaker Bong?

Different-size bongs require different water measures before they're filled up. That said, don't go running around with a bucket and filling the bong to the brim. The general rule of filling a beaker bong with water is - you have to put the right amount of water to entirely immerse the downstem and slits. If by any chance, your bong doesn't include slits, the bottom of the downstream should be submerged in roughly half-an-inch deep water.