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Ceramics aren't just those dull, old, dusty items your grandma has lined up on her cupboard, but rather much more interesting things once upgraded into ceramic bongs. A ceramic bong is one of the oldest ways to get your high on, and not simply a stylish, old-school way to smoke. Resembling an old drinking jar, ceramic bongs are the predecessors of the classic glass bong.

When compared to numerous other bongs, the ceramic bong can represent a simple ornament, no one will get suspicious of. Besides that, it can be cleverly shaped to resemble an old artifact everyone would admire. Even though everyone thinks they're much more expensive than glass bongs, you can find cheap ceramic bongs for everyday smoking, plus you'll get smoother hits. Durable, able to take more heat, painted in various striking colors and accompanied by multiple accessories ceramic bongs deserve just about every respect that's coming to them.

Besides being sturdy, and much cooler than your average glass bong, the ceramic bong is one smoker's material that deserves to be called art. To find some of the best bongs online to add to your collection, continue reading below.

What is a Ceramic Bong?

The ceramic bong dates back to 3,000 years with its place of birth located in Africa. Besides being one of the oldest ways to smoke cannabis from a bong, it was much beloved because of its high melting points, rich flavor, and fast cooling process. This meant that you could use the ceramic bongs as many times as you pleased without worrying about the ceramics infecting the taste or hit. It's also admired because of its inability to crack. However, don't test it by dropping it from high altitudes! That's why ceramic bongs are favored because glass bongs can easily break from even a slight drop.

Today, you can find ceramic bongs shaped like just about everything imaginable, which has caused a rise in their popularity. Nowadays, ceramic bongs take much less time to make and offer more customization features. Although heavier than glass bongs, the ceramic bongs can dupe the unsuspecting passerby by being shaped like mere ornaments, or shaped like your favorite characters for a comedic effect or even tools from the stone age period. The possibilities are endless and, surely, they won't be raising any attention at the dinner table over Christmas.

To sum it up, they're pretty reliable, take a shorter time to heat and fill, look stunning, and are overall functional for the starving stoner. What more could one ask for?

What are the Benefits of Ceramic Bongs?

Ceramic bongs appeal not only to the younger generation but to an older audience as well. Ceramic bongs are favored because of their sophisticated look and fine materials. They overshadow glass bongs in more ways than one.

Ceramic Bongs are Easy to Clean

Similar to glass bongs, ceramic bongs are pretty easy to clean and pack a pretty powerful hit with an irresistible, smooth taste. If cleaned regularly, you won't have a problem with a change in taste as is the case with plastic and acrylic bongs.

Ceramic Bongs Have Excessive Durability

Unlike a glass bong, ceramic bongs are not that easily breakable and can endure extreme temperatures without affecting the cannabis flavor. It's also straightforward for the user to navigate and its durability brings it top among the users' preferences.

Ceramic Bongs Can Trick the Untrained Eye

Ceramic bongs can come in all shapes and sizes, making them interesting enough to collect in any form. They usually don't look like a bong at all which makes them easy to blend in. They resemble ordinary items many people have lying around in their house without arising suspicion in any prying eyes. Many of them look like vases.

Ceramic Bongs are the Healthier Option

Ceramic bongs provide one more benefit compared to plastic or acrylic bongs or even rolled-up joints. This is because the water filters the smoke, providing you with a clean hit, uninfluenced by heated plastic and toxic fumes. It's a healthier option than inhaling a rolled-up joint and it's less time-consuming.

Tips for Buying Ceramic Bongs Online?

  • Although you can find numerous cheap ceramic bongs online, it's advisable to not look at the price when you're buying your next smoking medium. Make sure to watch out for a credible page that has sold plenty of bongs in the past and offers various selection results.

  • If you're doing mobile device choosing, try to look at the full page and what kind of bongs they famously sell. Scan through the images, and see what catches your eye. A suitable page will also ask you to make an account, as well as provide your age.

  • It's best to search for a site that offers high-quality ceramic bongs with included shipping in the cost.

  • Always look for reviews of commentary underneath the page and see if others have done their shopping there. To locate the best ceramic water pipes bongs for sale ask your smoker buddies if they have a store to recommend, and maybe they'll share some links.

Are Ceramic Bongs Good?

A ceramic bong might be your go-to choice if you're artsy by nature and have a lot of noisy visitors coming around in your house. Not only does it look stunning, but it also packs a powerful enough hit and smoke to make even Bob Marley's offspring dizzy. A ceramic bong is also a cheaper alternative to the glass bong, costing as little as $100 to $150, plus you get a cool-looking room ornament no one will suspect. They are also on the smaller side, without any metal or harmful materials that can influence your smoke.

Generally, a ceramic bong is usually bought for style and its aesthetic appeal, and it'll show people who know what it is that smoking is more of your hobby and not a lifestyle.

People Also Ask About Ceramic Bongs

If you didn't already get a clear clue about ceramic bongs, their beauty, practicality, and quality try to look at some of the following questions typically asked by experimentalist-stoners.

How Do You Clean a Ceramic Bong?

Similar to glass bongs, cleaning a ceramic bong is pretty straightforward. You also don't need to take parts apart from a ceramic bong as the construction has no removable parts. You'll need some wet wipes, water, rubbing alcohol, and a little salt. The only part of the ceramic bong that requires cleaning is the pipe, which you can clean from the inside using only your fingers. Drop a few drops of alcohol into the pipe, shake the mixture with salt and dislodge any leftovers. Rinse it with some warm water, and let it air dry.

Do You Put Water In A Ceramic Bong?

All bongs, even ceramic ones, require water to get filtered and cleaned out. You'll need a bit of water to make the smoke evaporate and get a powerful hit. To get the most of your bong, make sure to have the bong filled with cold tap water, which will stabilize the smoke and provide refreshing hits. Change the bong water once in a while to avoid even more drastic cleaning up processes that will require even more alcohol. Overall, you'll mostly need water for the cleaning up process, but don't forget that ceramic bongs need water just as much as glass, acrylic, or plastic bong would.