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Lately, there has been a rise in the purchase and consumption of bongs, pipes, and other smoking accessories whether procured through an online shop or a local one. However, there are thousands upon thousands of various smoking accessories out there, and specifically a fair share of bongs as well. Every bong is different, be it based on its shape, way of use, or material. Today, however, we are going to talk price and pay close attention to cheap bongs, or affordable bongs. Cheap bongs are quite in demand among stoners on a budget, so let's elaborate on this topic in detail - from bong material, to use, and top tips on buying the best cheap bongs on the market.

What is a Bong?

Well, a bong is a bong....Jokes aside, bongs are known by various names such as bubbler or bigger. They're smoking accessories specifically intended as filtering devices for tobacco, legal dry herb, and marijuana. Realistically speaking, a bong, whether it's just an affordable bong or a more sophisticated one, is used more for cannabis consumption and rarely for tobacco smokers.

Bongs are quite alike to hookahs, or water pipes as some may call them. However, even the more expensive bongs aren't sophisticated enough when compared to water pipes. This is because, whether you like it or not, when you take a hit from a bong- the smoke will go directly into your lungs - as intended, - which is not the case with water pipes.

Bongs vaporize toxic debris, which means, they help fight off toxins, but they don't fully eradicate the vaporized substances you inhale. Bongs are made up of different materials such as plastic, silicone, and metal. But, glass bongs are definitely more widespread than other options and make favorites among smokers. Bongs consist of a stem, a tank, and a bowl. To work, you'll need water in the tank, and surely, a product to smoke - likely weed.

The water chamber acts as a filter for the debris and particles coming out from the smoke. Another great function of the water filtration mechanism is that it cools down the smoke, giving your throat a more pleasurable inhalation rather than causing a throat burn. Cheap bongs can also be a hit 0r miss - depending on which one you decide to go for. Speaking of, let's see in what kind of materials do cheap bongs come in, and specifically if there are any cheap glass bongs for sale on the market.

What Kind of Materials Do Cheap Bongs Come in?

Most bongs are made out of quality glass called borosilicate glass. Thick borosilicate glass bongs are the best around since this material is absolutely heat resistant, and can withstand multiple uses. Sad to say, you'll rarely find cheap glass bongs made out of borosilicate glass. Then, yes, cheap bongs can be made out of glass - although they mostly come in plastic, acrylic, and even metal.

Silicone bongs can also be mentioned within the class of cheap bongs. However, sometimes cheap bongs online can be made of other types of materials, such as wood or bamboo - though this is rarely the case. If you're lucky enough to find an affordable bong that's made out of glass, then you'll most likely find out that they're made as mini bongs. Mini bongs are the tinier version of your regular glass bong, measuring from 4 to 8 inches. Portable and high-friendly - yes, please.

Are Cheap Bongs Online Still Effective?

In terms of effects, even the best cheap bongs have both flaws and advantages. If we're talking about getting the good ol' buzz effect from a cheap bong - then yes, it can deliver the same powerful hit as other bongs.

Acrylic is a good alternative for finding inexpensive bongs, but it's still made out of plastic, meaning that the taste won' be there. Plus, acrylic bongs are still susceptible to cracks and are not as heat resistant as other types. Nevertheless, acrylic bongs still count within the good inexpensive bongs.

Plastic affordable bongs are almost the same as acrylic bongs, but they don't resemble a glass bong whatsoever. While acrylic and glass bongs are transparent, plastic bongs aren't at all see-through and, I can tell you from personal experiences, they leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Metal cheap bongs are the sturdiest of them all. Similar to the plastic cheap bongs, the taste you'll get after a couple of tokes is not at all great. That metallic aftertaste isn't good for the mouth and throat, and these metal cheap bongs aren't that popular nowadays.

Silicone bongs are one of the most sought-after cheap bongs online. It's because silicone is ultra-resilient and flexible, meaning you won't break it like a glass bong. The downside is that they come in mini variants and most of them aren't transparent. All in all, a new bong, even if it's on the cheaper side, it's still effective, if you get it from a trusted online headshop or a local one at that.

Tips for Buying a Cheap Bong Online

To purchase products from an online headshop, especially a cheap bong, you'll have the privilege of buying them from the comfort of your home, in addition to discreet shipping. Here are some tips to guide you on where to buy a cheap bong online which are bongs under 50$ or less:

  • When you visit an online head-shop, check the user-submitted reviews found on the website itself. This will tell you whether cheap bongs are worth it or not.

  • See whether the bongs have all their parts - check the bowl, whether it's a beaker base bong or not, and if it has a water compartment and a stem.

  • If you intend to buy a smaller bong just for yourself, then go for the cheap glass bongs - they'll do the trick just fine.

  • Check if the bong material works for you - the best cheap water bongs are made of glass, silicone, or acrylic.

  • See if the shape and size fit your smoking needs.

  • Cheap bongs found online tend to be more fragile, so pick wisely!

  • You'll rarely find quality glass bongs for sale that are inexpensive, but if you do - get yours before another one does.

  • Cheap bongs for sale have prices ranging from 5$ to 30$, but everything below 50$ can be considered a cheap bong depending on the material it's made of.

Is a Cheap Bong Right for You?

A cheap water bong doesn't necessarily mean that it's made from superb glass, but if you regularly maintain your bong - it's gonna be good as new. Cheap bongs for sale are good if you're able to take good care of them. Cheap bongs can be a tad bit sturdier, but if you find a good inexpensive bong for around 20$, you'll make the most of its abilities.

Always check if there are glass bongs that fall within your price limit - if not, get yourself an acrylic or a silicone bong since these don't break as easily as a glass bong does. All in all, cheap bongs may be the right pick for you if you are lacking the budget but have the eagerness to play around with different options. If you have a higher budget and are a frequent smoker, we say, dodge the cheap bongs for sale and opt for a quality glass bong that will both last you longer and keep your high on point!