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Collapsible Bongs

Bongs have been used forever. What used to be limited to a simple bowl and water pipe, nowadays is just the beginning of an endless array of possibilities. Do you want a glass bong that can also serve as a decoration? Do you maybe prefer a special design, like a dragon bong? Or perhaps one that is more practical and can bring along for the ride? If so - collapsible bongs sound like your kind of thing.

What is a Collapsible Bong?

You can probably guess by the name, but these are bongs that can fully collapse. Or better said, you can twist, fold, or bend your bong without worrying that it will get damaged. This is what makes a collapsible bong extremely desired within the smoking community.

Not to worry - a collapsible bong has everything that a "normal one" would. That means that they come with the mouthpiece, herb bowl for the bud, joint, downstem, and everything else. There is just one difference with collapsible bongs - they're made from medical-grade silicone, hence the bending and stretching.

This type of bong is perfect for traveling, compared to glass bongs that aren't the safest options to bag. Avoid breaking your glass bubbler, and get yourself a silicone bong - twist it, light it up, and get ready for a truly relaxing journey!

What Materials Do Collapsible Bongs Come in?

Mostly, collapsible bubblers are made from medical-grade silicone which is why they are also known as silicone bongs. Medical grade silicone is a compound made from carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and silicon.

Yes, it sounds confusing but considering that silicone in its pure form is not part of the real world, this starts to make sense. This material is found in practically everything. There are at least 10 things in your house made from it - aside from the bong, of course.

Silicone Bong vs Glass Bowl

Comparing it to the glass bowl, silicone bongs hold the same positive sides - they let you inhale a good hit, all the while lessening the potential harms. This is because, as bongs are, collapsible hookahs also use water to filter out any dangerous components.

Every cannabis enthusiast knows that the more heat your water holds, the smoother the hits your bong delivers. In a glass bubbler, this would be a little hard to do, considering that you won't be able to hold the bowl let alone smoke. Silicone, on the other hand, can withstand both higher and lower temperatures. It mostly goes up to 600°F/315°C. And yes, the shape of your bong won't be distorted by the heat.

Other Collapsible Bong Materials

Aside from silicone, manufacturers mostly avoid using other materials to create a collapsible bong. Some might think of plastic, but this material is not as bendy as silicone, nor does it hold the same level of endurance.

What are the Benefits of a Collapsible Bong?

There are a few reasons why a collapsible bong is more desired on the market than the more traditional crystal bowl.

The Design

A silicone bong can come in various shapes, colors, and sizes. Glass bubblers can cover the shape and size, but there is only one "color" they come in. With a silicone hookah, you get to choose how flamboyant your bubbler will be.

Choose blue, red, multi-colored, or go with something that truly represents the all-out hippie vibe. For an out-of-this-world experience, you can shop for a glow-in-the-dark silicone bong or a collapsible coffee mug bong!

This last type comes as a collapsible bong mug - for all coffee lovers that need some leisure. In some cases, a silicone bubbler can come with a suction cup. This way, you can keep your bubbler secure while you're flying high!


Next up is the fact that a silicone bubbler can't be broken. The rubber-like texture will make sure that even if it falls, the worst that could happen is you get to clean a bit of water. So, for all who are a bit clumsy with their hands, these bubblers will be with you for a long time!

Smart Size

A collapsible bong is perfect for traveling. As we said, they're lightweight and durable so you just fold it in half, and off you go! They can fit in luggage, pursues, and, sometimes, even pockets!

Heat Resistant

Another advantage we mentioned is that silicone bubblers are heat resistant. This means that they can hold up high and low temperatures, allowing you to smoke a harsher or smoother buzz.

Easy Cleanup

Don't fret about cleaning the silicone downstem, the straight tube, the bowl, or any other part of the piece. This type of bubbler is dishwasher safe so all you have to do is empty its contents and put it in your dishwasher.

More Affordable

Finally, a silicone bong is way cheaper than a glass bubbler. They usually go for under $50.
But even if you go for a more bigger price, you can be safe knowing that at least it won't break within a month!

Where Can I Buy a Collapsible Bong?

There may be a store near you that has some of the best bongs for sale. But if the shop can't provide the type you want - the Internet is a big place! Search around online, read a review or two, until you locate the silicone bong that fits your needs. Once you find it and make sure they have it in stock, you can purchase it. However, remember that this might take some time, having in mind that it needs to be shipped and delivered to your address.

As a safety net for customers, most online pages give a money-back guarantee if the shipping process takes longer than anticipated. Because it's online, if you get a faulty bong, most shops would be happy to accept returns. Once the package arrives, open the box, prepare your smoke and let the cool taste hit your lips!

Unlike glass water pipes, a silicone bong can't be made at home. Even though you're stuck with having to purchase one, as we mentioned, these have a lower price. The options are endless! You can choose a style like the simple Roll uh Bowl or the flashier Waxmaid collapsible bong. Regardless of the choice, once you wait out the shipping period, all will give you an unforgettable ride.

People Also Ask

Here is another thing you might be interested in when looking for a good collapsible bong.

Do Collapsible Bongs Get Moldy?

Collapsible bubblers can get moldy if not properly taken care of. Mold grows in water. If you leave the water in your bubbler for a long period, this might cause the insides of the straight neck, the bowl, and all other parts to get mold.

On some occasions, mold can grow even in the suction cup or other outer accessories. Plus, mold can cause various types of health problems. To avoid this issue - you don't want to bring a dirty bong to a party - we advise a regular clean. Lucky for you, collapsible bongs are dishwasher safe so all you have to do is empty the water and place it in for cleaning.