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After a long and hard day of work, there might be nothing sweeter than a deep toke of high-quality vaporized substances. No, we're not talking about coffee and tobacco usage, but a bong, and more precisely - cup bongs! Stick around and see for yourself how cool a cup can be, especially a 90s cup bong! Talk about nostalgia! Hold your breath - it's time to see how cooler a bowl is than a roll!

What is a Cup Bong?

The name says it all! A bong that is made in the form of a cup! 90s kids who improvised with handmade items might be familiar with this bong. Yes, they've made water pipes out of cups or smaller plastic bottles and lit up the smoke.

Today, these smoking tools can be made in the form of coffee or a teacup, and out of many different materials. There's even a McDonald's cup water pipe! However, the most popular cup bongs currently are the glass and the silicone ones, because of the toxins found in the plastics and their health risk for the whole body.

Across the internet, you'll find many different products with different shipping conditions to match your needs. As an international customer, you can now purchase your cups online, but before that - you should read more about the brand, the user-submitted reviews, and the full details of each product. These bongs are very easy and simple to use. It is like drinking a cup of coffee: you'll just put the water in the cup, insert your straw-like pipe, and enjoy the smooth ride.

What are the Benefits of a Cup Bong?

Naturally, you would want your overall experience of smoking legal dry herb in a bong to exceed all previous ones! Yes, you've paid for that and you want a brand new high! Following are some of the benefits and drawbacks of smoking a cup:

Reducing Harmful Substances Entering your Lungs

The mere fact that we're talking about a water-filled bong points to the fact that much less harmful bacteria, mold, dust, or viruses will enter your lungs. All user-submitted reviews found suggest that using the 'cups' is much better, for example, for people suffering from allergies or bronchitis.

Camouflage and Mobility

The best bongs are those that don't look like bongs at all! That's why the cup water pipe is usually at the top of the seller's listing. On top of that, taking your cup anywhere you go won't be a problem! You can smoke in the park, the street, or at home without anyone noticing you.

Easy Cleaning Process

It may sound funny, but the cleaning process is painless and won't take you more than a few minutes. It's like washing your dishes, but with a bit more devotion. Keep reading to see how you can clean your cup in a matter of minutes.

Safe and High-Quality Materials

The new generation of bongs is manufactured with so much care and all characteristics are often based on personal experiences. Many of these bongs are made of borosilicate glass which is hardly breakable and can withstand very high temperatures. The high-quality materials will necessarily eliminate all unwanted health effects and guarantee better consumption.

Producing Smoother Hits

Smoking a water pipe has always produced smoother hits than rolling a joint, not to an 'in n out cup bong'. The narrow pipe, as well as the filtration system, will give very cool lightness and reduce the burning feeling in your lungs.

How to Clean a Cup Bong?

All bongs are intended to be cleaned in the pretty much same way. First of all, you'll have to remove all the detachable parts from the bong. Secondly, you can get isopropyl alcohol of around 91% and mix it up with coarse salt. This way you'll rub the cup from the inside and all the deposits will come out.

At last, you'll have to clean your cup with soapy water and rinse it out. You can also repeat the process for the pipe, although a wash-through can do the job. We usually recommend that you repeat this process for almost all new products made of glass. For silicone, you can use rubbing alcohol which will kill all the remaining bacteria, particles of dust, mold, and viruses.

You can also do this in the simplest way possible: mix a little bit of warm water and soap, rinse and wash thoroughly before you swipe it with a clean towel. Don't worry! These cups are usually made of durable materials that are hard to damage and accidentally ingest toxic materials.

Where Can I Buy a Cup Bong?

You can buy bongs online without any restrictions. Just google the particular bowl and the best results will instantly pop out on your screen. However, we advise you to check the legal and copyright information about the manufacturer and consult with your licensed health care provider before you take any further steps.

Following are some basic tips on where to find the best bongs:

  1. Decide which is the right product for you - whether it's the width, height, materials, or brand, google the product that suits you the best. Check out the reviews, comments, and customers' experiences before you purchase your bong.

  2. Find a reliable website with the best bongs for sale - You don't want to throw your money on something that won't meet your expectations. That's why we suggest not to make the purchase at your own risk and find the most convenient sites which are licensed and all their operations are legal and reliable. After all, you want to receive an undamaged item made from high-quality materials.

  3. Click on the subscription box and register an account - If needed, subscribe at the particular website to search through the different categories of cups and ask the support for additional info or possible deals. Sometimes it's better to gain better insight into how the site's sales team works and how you can realize your money-back guarantee. Check out how to subscribe to Slyng's newsletter!

    All in all, it's easy to find a reliable website where you can purchase your cup. However, the services which each of these sites provides are different and you should search for the one with the best reviews.

Our Verdict

It's elegant, it's cool, it's cute - the cup water pipe is something for everybody's lungs and appearance. You can order them online or you can buy them at your local shop for a decent price. They might not be as luxurious as dragon bongs or tornado bongs, but the mellow feeling is incomparable. A cup bong isn't something necessarily shared - you can either keep it to yourself or pass it to your friend, but always keep it at hand!