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Dragon Bongs

For the past twenty years or so, the industry of bongs has been all about creativity. What's the best material to make a bong out of? What's the most convenient one? What would the most beautiful bong look like? Believe us - an answer to all of these questions, and more, has been provided a hundred times over. Colorful bongs, glass bongs, silicone or metal bongs, small or huge bongs, all kinds of water pipes can be found.

Avid cannabis paraphernalia collectors have made it a hobby to collect such invaluable pieces and keep them on a shelf. They have a few bongs for practical, day-to-day usage, and a whole plethora of bongs just for show. Of course, some prefer themed pipes. People who enjoy smoking out of a water pipe that enables their childhood dreams and fantasies to come true - usually helped by the smoke, of course. This is exactly where dragon bongs step in and allow you to explore a more themed high!

What Is a Dragon Bong?

A dragon bong is a bong made in the shape of a fire-breathing dragon. Aside from this, there is no rule as to what a dragon bong should look like. It can just be a dragon's head through which you can smoke - or the entire body. Some dragon bongs are just regular bongs with small dragon statues placed inside them. You can find them in all colors, designs, and sizes, and made from all kinds of materials - a dragon glass bong, a golden dragon bong, a silicone dragon bong, a glass dragon bong, you name it.

Be honest with yourself, wouldn't it be cool to breathe life into a medieval culture by literally breathing fire? Satisfy your fiery cravings and become a cool dragon for a day! Ingesting your favorite herb while acting out a dragon will see you doing a great service to your childhood self! All the smoke will make you truly become one with your role! Nothing better than an all-out theme item! This just scratches the surface of why a dragon bong may be the perfect piece for any water pipe enthusiast!

What are the Benefits of a Dragon Bong?

Even though you can't really fully exhaust the pros of an item such as this, we're now going to outline the main benefits that a dragon bong may have!

It's the Perfect Cosplay Item

There's no better statement piece than this. A dragon bong allows you to unite two of your passions - smoking (probably weed) and an epic fantasy setting! You'll literally be able to smoke out of one of your favorite dragon toys and get a proper high!

You Can Get One For a Minimum Price

Yes, that's right! Depending on the manufacturer and type of material, you can get an incredibly cheap dragon bong, for even less than $15 even! Additionally, many of these come with free shipping, so that's another thing you don't have to worry about. Compared to glass bongs or other more advanced types, dragon bongs are a far more affordable option and can fit all of your smoking needs without spending the extra buck. Take a look below to see our selection.

It is the Perfect Purchase for Special Occasions

Are you friends with like-minded fantasy nerds? Well, you have found the best gift for them! Whether we're talking about a party, a wedding, a birthday, or any kind of special event, you have the ideal, quirky, yet useful, present for them! No phone, no accessories, no shoes, no necklaces, or intricate packages covered in wraps will ever be as cool as this!

It can be a precious collectible

If you do have quite a bit of money to spare and are willing to invest in a one-of-a-kind smoking piece, then this may just be the right purchase for you. Since the price of a dragon bong can vary - with some costing north of $150 - you can really get your hands on some unique dragon glass bong piece, which will literally make everyone who sees it exhale "wow"! The air that dragons breathe has never been cooler and trippier, right?

Yet, all of these perks aside, by now you must already be wondering how and where you can get one of these rigs. Well, no need to wonder anymore! Keep reading to find out how you can get some of the best dragon bongs on sale!

Where Can I Buy a Dragon Bong?

The answer is quite simple. You can find a very wide variety of these objects online! You can visit your local head shop and find a dragon bong you like. If you are not an in-person buyer, you can find some interesting discounts on dragon dab rigs and bongs online. Simply googling them online will allow you to search and browse through some very cool online shops. Once you find your favorite piece, you can just easily create an account on the manufacturer's site, order it, and wait for it to be shipped to your place!

Trust us, they will get it delivered fast and, oftentimes, with free shipping. Of course, you need to research the store carefully to be sure that you're only going for quality products. Search and subscribe to reputable stores and many others, and become one of their valued customers. An online bong provider will have a smoking line up that is quite long and you'll be able to find any sort of bowl or bong that you're interested in.

The service and delivery at these sites are also known to be quite good, so you'll have a chance to get your desired product at a price that suits you most. And even if you don't see what you're looking for on their main menu, they probably have an interesting dragon dab rig in stock! Of course, you can always read former buyers' reviews as well, or reach out to a brand of your liking and ask for more information!

Safety Tips When Using a Dragon Bong

For the best experience of smoking with your preferred dragon bong, here are some precautionary measures to keep in mind:

  • Never share the bong mouthpiece with another person, to avoid contracting infections

  • Keep your bong clean before and after every use, and store it in a safe and darker place

  • Don't hold the inhale for too long - start slow and see how you're affected

  • Empty the water tank after every use

  • Remove the bowl and downstem before putting the bong away

Dragons Bongs: The Verdict

At the end of the day, regardless of whether you're looking for the perfect wedding present, an interesting bowl or pipe to add to your collection of accessories, or are simply a huge fan of dragons who are long longed to feel like one, you're sure to find what you're looking for! It is the perfect mascot for all the dragon lovers who love to spark up a bowl too.