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The world of weed is constantly changing and we get new and improved products to play around with. The honeycomb bong gives you a higher diffusion and a smoother hit! Usually made from borosilicate glass, honeycomb percolators are very popular, especially in recent years, and have been used in bongs, water pipes, and dab rigs. Keep reading to find out what it is, how to use it, where to buy your very own double or triple honeycomb bong. Let's dive in!

What Is a Honeycomb Bong?

The perfect honeycomb bong can bring to your lungs a real honey bomb! The honeycomb water pipe is a smoking gear with a honeycomb disc perc that looks exactly like - you guessed it, a honeycomb. The diffusion is much higher than a regular bong because it's speckled with many tiny holes for letting the air out. The more small holes it has- the higher diffusion and smoother hit!

Honeycombs are sometimes even called "percolator bongs" because the percolation is 3 times higher than in regular bongs. This is another reason why this gear is particularly popular among US customers. However, the most common type of honeycomb bong you'll find is the high-quality borosilicate glass honeycomb bong. This doesn't mean that you won't find high-quality titanium, quartz, or ceramics honeycomb percolators. However, the number one choice is borosilicate glass due to its durability.

On top of that, you are always free to add flavors and let the herb mixture become a spiritual ointment for both you and your elevated abode! By examining the user-submitted reviews found, we can easily assume that these bongs are among, if not the favorite bongs in the United States. Stick around and take a peek into the honeycomb percolator and the way it works!

How Does Honeycomb Perc Work?

The classic design of a honeycomb bong consists of a bowl piece in a disc form with many small holes descending from the top to the base. There are usually 2, 3, or sometimes even more discs incorporated into the honeycomb.

Furthermore, the size of the holes is directly responsible for the air diffusion and the smoothness of your hits. You don't want a hole big enough to fit your fingers through it! This would mean that your honeycomb bong has poor water filtration and cleaning the filtered draw will take you more time than actually enjoying the weeds.

It doesn't matter if you purchase honeycomb bongs in small joint sizes or regular because they'll always work in the same way! Using a honeycomb perc bong is very simple: through the mouthpiece, put some water into your bong and your ground herbs into the bowl. The next thing you should do is blaze it up and draw a toke!

You're also free to use an enail for your honeycomb glass bong if it suits the rig. E nails can be a much better option than a blowtorch because of the temperature settings and the chance for dabs. Honeycomb percolator bongs are specifically designed to provide smooth hits and to add flavor to the smoking experience!

What Are the Benefits of a Honeycomb Bong?

There are numerous benefits of smoking a honeycomb bong! However, the more noticeable ones are always related to your health issues, price, filtration, and so on. Here are some of the benefits of the best honeycomb bongs for sale:

Healthier Smoke - Powerful Toke!

The filtration system of the honeycomb perc bongs is what brought many positive personal experiences and reviews across the internet. More moisture and smooth hit are why many Americans decide to buy honeycomb percolator bongs. On top of that, the filtration system enables your body a better absorption of CBD or THC, whatever is your sport! But mind this - vaporizing doesn't necessarily eliminate all toxins found in your bong. If you want even more filtration, consider adding some double honeycomb bongs to your collection.

A Painless Cleaning Process!

There's nothing easier and faster than cleaning your honeycomb bongs. The sole reason behind this is that you won't have to clean additional tubes, chambers, and attachments. You can clean it with a mixture of soap and water and occasionally with 91% isopropyl alcohol depending on the materials and the number of deposits.

Cooler Smoke!

The filtration system provides a perfect combination of water and smoke because it 'splits' the smoke. This way the surface where the smoke and the water mix are much wider and the hits produced are much cooler. That's why we believe the honeycomb perc bong is a great piece to add to your gear if you have allergies, sensitive lungs, or just want cooler tokes!

Little to No Drag at all!

The filter of the honeycomb bong also supports a great absorption process within the bowl and won't leave you any drag. This is because of the improved diffusion within the discs of the honeycomb bongs. Furthermore, the best bongs offer ideal smoke condition and moisturizing which will spare you of cleaning deposits and drag.

How Much Water Do You Put in a Honeycomb Bong?

We've almost left out the most important part - how to fill up your water pipe! Usually, about an inch of water or so is enough to thoroughly filtrate your precious herbs. If you have only one perc in your honeycomb, then you should cover the whole perc. On the other side, if you have a double honeycomb bong, feel free to put about an inch of water in your bowl.

However, all lovers of vaporized substances agree that the best way to fill it is by sipping water through the stem till it's about a third of the way to the honeycomb. You shouldn't worry because each good piece has a unique guide on how to blow your bubbles!

Furthermore, some experts will advise you that you should fill the triple honeycomb bongs up to the second perc. Then, start blowing the water downwards until the first two - starting from the base - perc is covered with water. Nonetheless, the water in the best honeycomb bong will find its way down to the bottom, making out of your legal dry herb a sweet and juicy hit!

Where to Buy Honeycomb Bongs?

You only need to google a little bit and you'll immediately recognize the best bongs available online. Honeycomb bongs are also available online and you can order them from almost anywhere in the states. Nonetheless, you'll have to find a reliable and safe website where you can purchase your honeycomb with the best shipping and post-sales terms.

You can also buy your honeycomb bong in a local shop nearby. With these in-person purchases, you'll learn a lot more about the characteristics of the product, but you won't experience the perks of online shopping. There's a much bigger choice of bongs online and a licensed health care provider usually guarantees your safety. Furthermore, various discounts, tubes, nails, and attachments can be included in your package. Another advantage of buying your honeycomb bongs online is the customers' reviews, the opportunity for comparison, and the low price.

Honeycomb Bongs: Our Verdict

As we've seen, honeycomb bongs provide many benefits for dedicated users and are relatively cheap gear that can be bought online. Honeycomb bongs are very easy to use and clean and are smoking gadgets that are necessarily shared with friends and close ones! On top of that, the honeycomb percs have an incredible filtering system that will both moisten and cool your smoke. What are you waiting for? Take a toke from your honeycomb bong and let the bees buzz!