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Ice Bongs

Avid weed smokers have had decades at their disposal to influence manufacturers to perfect the bong smoking experience. Whether by creating water pipes from different sorts of materials, like glass, metal, or silicone, or by making them larger or smaller, cheaper or more expensive, they've managed to create an entire plethora of bongs for a variety of users.

There are even colorful, custom dab rigs, shaped like dragons or aliens. And yet, if there's still one thing that dictates the types of innovations to the world of waterpipe smoking, it's their practicality and ease of use. To be more precise, there are special types of bongs or smoking accessories, meant to augment your smoking experience, making it more pleasant, smoother, or harder-hitting.

Enter ice bongs. Keep reading if you want to find out more about what ice bongs are, and why they're among the best bongs that you could go for!

What is an Ice Bong?

An ice bong also referred to as an ice water bong, or an ice catcher bong is a bong with additional ice notches, or ice catchers, which serve to hold ice cubes. The main purpose of ice bongs is for the ice cubes to cool the smoke down, allowing for a smoother smoking experience.

At this point, ice catcher bongs are quite common and easy to find. Ice catcher bongs can be of all types, although the better ice bongs are made from high-quality borosilicate glass. You can even find an ice perc bong too!

User-submitted reviews found that the overall experience is much better if you add a few ice cubes to your bong. Still, you need to be careful about how exactly you insert the cubes into your ice bong, so that the ice doesn't melt, and doesn't end up damaging the high-quality borosilicate glass surface.

What are the Benefits of an Ice Bong?

The best ice bong with functional ice notches will deliver an unforgettable smoking time. The main reason for this is due to the following main advantages of ice bongs:

Better Filtration - Bigger Hits

An ice bong can add additional cooling to the vaporized substances, and to necessarily eliminate all unpleasant hits from the smoke is a miracle in and of itself. Water filtration with cool water is effective, sure, but if you add ice, the cooling power will be more enhanced, and you'll get even more smooth tokes. Hence, the existence of the ash catcher.

With most bongs, smoke gets only somewhat cooled with the water and ends up going directly to your throat hot. And so, the hits are uneven and often raspy and scratchy, making the whole experience all-around unpleasant. Whereas an ice bong essentially filters the air, cooling the smoke down and mixing it with evaporated water particles.

Cool Smoke - More Hits

Ice bongs end up producing a much cooler and smoother smoking experience, which enables you to take multiple hits in a row and achieve a stronger high from your weed or tobacco. After all, bigger hits aren't just about quality, but about quantity as well. A regular bong can only get you so many pleasant hits before the whole ordeal turns awry.

An ice catcher bong, on the other hand, will allow you to get more high due to the increased number of hits. Trust us, with a rightfully used ice bong, you'll be in seventh heaven before you even know it!

More Ice Cubes - Less Bong Water

Aside from making your throat all raspy, regular bongs tend to also make some water bubbles go up while you inhale - allowing you to taste some of that revolting bong water. From a very practical standpoint, the best ice bongs for sale prevent this from happening by simply having ice cubes in between the water and your mouth. No weed-sewer will find its way on your tongue so long as you use an ice bong.

Quality of the Ice Bongs Hard Glass

Due to the nature of ice cubes and the positioning of glass ice catchers or ice notches, most glass ice bongs are made from extra-thick borosilicate glass, which is another plus when it comes to the quality of the product. You will, essentially, be getting a long-lasting ice bong, that may be useful for many years to come. There is no better investment than this.

You'll get yourself an ice water pipe that will stay with you for life.

How to Use an Ice Bong?

Using an ice catcher bong is quite simple. All you need to do before you start smoking is to add some ice cubes through the mouthpiece opening. Remember, you don't want to just put the cubes in the water chamber, as they'll probably meltdown quickly and won't give you the desired effect.

The ice cubes should remain trapped by the glass ice catcher and will filter out the incoming smoke. Because ice cubes can oftentimes be quite rough, a glass bong with a good glass thickness is almost always demanded to sustain the pressure.

The case is similar if you have an ice perc bong too, but you'll need to be even more careful when inserting the ice cubes. Don't just throw them, lest you end up damaging the percolation device. Gently tip the ice bong to the side and slowly slide the ice cubes down.

As you can see, adding ice cubes to get cooler smoke has never been easier - and puts the use of other bongs to the side! Still, whether you want an ice bong for your legal dry herb or tobacco usage, you may be somewhat confused when it comes to knowing where to get the best ice bong for your needs.

No need to fret - we're here to tell you all about the best ice bongs for sale that you can buy!

Where Can I Buy an Ice Bong?

Finding the best ice catcher bong to add to your smoking gear and fancy bong set can be really easy - if you only know where to look! Going to the first store probably won't do the trick, so you'll have to rely on an online headshop.

No worries, you can easily find an online headshop that truly delivers a top-quality service, and offers you products approved by a licensed health care provider. As for price, online-purchased ice bongs starting cost at less than $15, with the cost going up to over $160!

You'll surely be able to get the best ice bong or best ice glass bong, which will deliver an experience unlike any you've had with a regular bong! Just make sure to check the online headshop thoroughly before opting for your ice bong piece. See if your product is expected to be shipped discreetly, and especially look for companies collaborating with USPS mail services.

Getting a new ice bong is always exciting, so you need to be careful where you get it from. At the end of the day, it's all at your own risk. When you go on the hunt, however, you want to choose nothing but the best ice bongs, period.

People Also Ask

Ice bongs work best for those who love huge, cooling smoke. Although they are perfect for summer, people use them daily for refreshing smokes. There will always be beginners who have additional questions so let's answer them!

Are Bongs Better With Ice?

Yes, ice bongs are definitely better than many bongs of other sorts. The ice pinch creates a much smoother smoke, and the ice catcher prevents the ice from falling too close to the heat source and melting. Ice bongs with a diffused downstem provide a completely different, elevated experience, and they're the type of bongs that you need to look for when buying tobacco or cannabis equipment online.

Do Ice Bongs Need Water?

Yes, ice bongs need water to use them. The ice doesn't come as a replacement to the water, but rather, in addition to it. It's a kind of extra filter sort of thing - hence the ice catcher, also known as an ice pinch. The ice catcher is the place where the ice cubes are meant to be placed, whereas the water remains in the chambers of the ice bong.

Ice bongs cool down smoke and are an easy and natural upgrade over normal bongs. This makes them highly popular among avid smokers and ice bong fanatics.