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Mason Jar Bongs

With each passing day, bongs are becoming more and more popular. Ask some of your friends and probably half of them will tell you that they've already fallen under the delirium provided by a short inhale. Everyone - even those that are smoking regularly - will agree that bongs don't bring the same problems that other tobacco products can. And no, bongs are not a product of the modern world.

Even the dynasties in China used the water pipe! The earliest known bongs were found in Ethiopian caves that date back to the 1100s. Isn't that wild?! It is a fact that today we have more modern types and you can even purchase products online from the comfort of your home. The shape of the bowl can be different; the material, the tobacco - all of that can be diverse and influence the price.

An interesting purchase that more customers are making is mason jar bongs. Why? What makes these stand out among the huge pile of options today? Let's dive in and see!

What Is A Mason Jar Bong?

To understand what a mason jar bong is, you first need to know what a glass bong is. Practically, they're one of the same. With the mason jar bong using just what the name suggests - a mason jar. It's not just for strawberry jam anymore! A glass bong is the most widely spread type of bong, that is used almost everywhere. They filter small particles from the smoke or can even condense and cool the smoke and thus add more to the overall experience.

A mason jar glass bong can be used with any type of flower, dry herbs, or tobacco. As with other bongs, these cool and filter the herbs placed in the jar to give smooth hits. Mostly, they use internal percolators to do this. Unlike dab rigs, a mason jar hookah bong can't be used with wax, dabs, or oils. That is the main difference between dabs and bongs. It is always suggested to use dab rigs with wax and concentrates. And bongs are intended for dried flowers.

It is interesting to know that glass bongs were used since the dawn of time. In some of the oldest dynasties in China, any type of glass bowl could be used to create a bong. Although they were mostly used by common people, there were even empresses that were buried with a few bong pieces. Mason jars are a perfect bowl to create a handy bubbler. They are wide enough and provide the perfect length to give you an excellent pull - one strong enough to help you ease your worry away. But, more importantly, these are also very easy to clean.

Considering they are created from glass, you can mainly remove each piece. Then all that is left is to wash it clean with water and salt. It is mostly recommended to do this by hand and not use the dishwasher because of the fragility of the bowl. You should be careful about one thing when using a mason jar bong. Because they are made of a glass jar, they are easily breakable. That is the main reason why your new purchase of a mason jar bong comes with a GlassGuard guarantee.

What Are The Benefits Of A Mason Jar Bong?

If you smoke, vape, or use any other way to inhale cannabis-induced products, then you've surely come across the reason they are bad. They start from the smell and end up with more severe issues like problems with your lungs and other dire consequences later on. This is where a mason jar glass bong is helpful. A glass bong is deemed to be less hurtful and can reduce most of the severity. Plus, they can bring you an even better taste and overall experience.

The first major benefit of using a mason jar as a bubbler is that, like all glass bongs, they offer water filtration. This is crucial because the herbs that you use in your bong can cause tar and ash which can be very dangerous for your lungs. That is why the water is a filter here that takes out all harmful components, like carcinogens, and just leaves the euphoria for you. A good bong will cool down the smoke right before you inhale it, thus reducing the chances of irritating your lungs from the heated smoke.

The main worry every smoker deals with is whether a mason jar bubbler can give the same effect as a cigar or vape pen. Although many think this can't be real, the truth is that the bong truly provides a cleaner experience. The water in the jars filters all types of damaging components and just leaves the good taste filled with exhilarating fun. The smoke you intake from a bong is clearer and smooth which only gives you a better taste of the bud. When making a DIY mason jar bong, it is best to add chambers for more filters and better smoke.

Plus, mason jars are smaller compared to other types of bubblers. This means that you can easily take it with you if you're traveling somewhere. Last but not least, as we mentioned, these are very easy to clean and because they're made of glass, you won't get any weird aftertaste, which is always much appreciated. Just make sure that the water in your bong is changed regularly.

Remember that you can't use ice water in them or wash them with it. The temperature change can break the glass jar and then you will be left with a task to search for a new piece.

Where Can I Buy A Mason Jar Bong?

Today, you can walk into any shop and find a bong lying on one of the shelves. If your favorite store doesn't own one, an online shop will do the trick. You can browse the Internet, search reviews, and look for a website that has the best bongs for sale where you can surely find the type of mason bowl you're looking for aka Slyng!

If you can't wait to start smoking from this type of bong, then there is another easy way to create a mason jar bong. A DIY project! The rave around mason bowl bongs is that you don't necessarily have to go online or to a shop to get the thrill of this bubbler. All you need to do is buy a few things and create your own personal mason jar bong. You can even get a friend that is of age to help you out!

There are many reviews online that emphasize the quality of a bought-online bong over a DIY one. If you have the right tools and you don't save up on the lid, bowl, filters, and other parts, there is no reason not to gain the same quality. You can buy all pieces for a mason bubbler in your nearest hardware store. Any type of glass bowl with a metal lid will do for the chamber part, but to be more authentic it's best to get a mason one. Once you buy your mason jug bong or DIY it, all you need to do next is choose the herb that would go with it.

Bongs, especially glass ones, were devised to get you the best and cleanest feel of a herb. Mason jars are a product of that idea with a bigger dash of simplicity. They can be easily found online or, if everything else fails, made at home!

Sometimes, a website simply won't have the bong in stock. Our advice is to subscribe to that site and wait for the notification. Make sure to read the review section as well, as it can be helpful to get an idea of what you might be purchasing. Do note that the prices of mason bowl bongs usually start as low as $5 and can go up to $80.

Mason Jar Bongs - Final Words of Wisdom

Whether you'd prefer to buy it from a store, purchase it online, or make it yourself, there's no doubt that this bong will give you the hit that you need. If you do decide to DIY it, make sure to read the instructions thoroughly. It might sound easy to make, but you want to be sure that it's constructed well and with the right materials so that you can have the best experience.

If you don't want to be bothered, you can always go with buying it online. Find the best-reviewed stores and products and choose the bong that's to your liking. Make sure to keep it clean so that you can use it for a long time. The only thing left is to enjoy it to the fullest!