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Do you travel often and wish to take your bong along? This can be difficult if your bong comes in a large size, which is harder to transport. However, we have the answer to your problem. The answer to your problem is Mini bongs!!

Mini bongs come in a variety of small sizes that usually varies between 7 to 12 inches. These mini glass bongs are easier to carry, allowing you to take them anywhere that you want. Mini bongs offer a lot of convenience along with an amazing smoking experience. You can tell what you want about mini bongs, the fact is they are convenient, cost-effective, and cute. We will cover all the details that you need to know about mini bongs and help you decide whether you should get them or not!

What is a Mini Bong?

As the name suggests, a mini bong is essentially a small glass bong that is scaled down, size-wise. They come with every feature that you would find in any other traditional bong. Apart from coming with everything that you would expect from any other bigger bongs, these mini glass bongs are easier to handle. They are ideal for people who are constantly traveling and need cannabis on the go. All you have to do is pack your small glass bong in your backpack and load it whenever you feel like having a smoke session.

Even when it comes to micro bongs, you will find them equipped with various kinds of options including mini dab rigs, handheld bong, ice catcher, and much more. So, whether you are using it medicinally or are a recreational user, a mini water bong will meet all your needs.

Features of Mini Bongs

What makes mini bongs stand out from other bongs? Here are some of the best features of mini water pipes.

Better Cost Efficacy

The great thing about a mini water bong is that it mostly comes at a lower price as compared to other types of bongs. This is ideal for those who want to stay within the budget while having a good time. Although prices may vary for each brand and type of mini water bong, they still remain comparatively lower than any other bong. Mini bongs truly offer value for the money that you pay for them.

Greater Functionality

They may be called "mini" bongs, but they result in smoke hits that can make your personal experiences. Some people also claim that a mini bong can be more functional than its bigger counterparts. These devices come with all the features that a glass water pipe would have. Apart from this, glass mini bongs come with an accessible carb hole, which makes them easier to use and clean. The best thing about the functionality of mini bongs is that their carb hole is easily accessible, which makes these pieces more attractive than their larger counterparts.


One feature that makes these mini glass bongs stand out is their unmatch portability. You can easily carry a mini bong anywhere that you want. Whether you want to take the bong out during a trip or want to take it along for a party, it can easily fit in the pockets of your bag. You can also disassemble the glass mini bongs and its buds into tiny pieces. This helps make this process of maintenance easier.

Is a Mini Bong Too Small?

When it comes to water pipes, there is no such thing as being too small or too big. The size of the bong depends on whatever meets your need the best. Mini bongs are mostly around 3-5" tall. These make for great travel pipes and can be easily carried around. The great thing about mini bongs is that they can be concealed easily. These durable, long-lasting pieces of small glass bongs can also be easily turned into a dab rig. Despite the small size, these little bongs can meet all your smoking needs and offer smooth hits.

However, there is a possibility that you might struggle to fill the bong because there is less glass. Some people have also complained about their nose burning while lighting it up. This can happen if your find the bong to be too small. All in all, the travel bong is ideal for keeping a low profile and still having a great smoking experience. Before buying a mini bong, make sure that it meets all your requirements.

Where to Buy Mini Bongs From?

If you are looking for a mini bong, then there are many places where you can buy the best bongs from. You can go shopping online and browse through any smoking website that has mini bongs for sale. Do your research before buying the best small bong and make sure that the bong meets your needs.

A smaller size bong comes with many benefits, which is why you should have one in your collection. Read up on all the reviews before you browse through a wide selection. You can also look for a sale online and get a mini bong for yourself at a reasonable price.

If you are not comfortable with shopping online then you can also go to any nearest smoking shop and see if they have a collection of small bongs. Going to a shop can necessarily eliminate any doubt that you might have as it allows you to see the bongs and test them out in real life. However, there can also be a strong possibility that you are unable to find a smoke shop nearby. If that's the case, then you need to continue shopping online.

Are Mini Bongs Good?

If you are someone who travels regularly and likes smoking up, then you should consider purchasing a mini bong! A mini bong is essentially a regular bong that comes in a small size. These bongs come with a classic design and are ideal for people who are looking for a fun smoking experience. Mini bongs are also a great option for you since their smaller size makes them easy to clean and maintain.

If you search for mini bongs online, you can also easily get your hands on other smoking accessories and purchase products. Glass artists have now come up with many creative options for the mini bongs, which you can easily purchase.