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Whether you are a regular stoner or a newbie, you should consider investing in a bong. The best thing about bongs is that they are more convenient than rolling a joint and also more smooth. In case you are considering buying a bong, percolator bongs are a great choice since it is both functional and convenient. Let's look at percolator bongs in more detail so you can make up your mind!

What Is a Percolator Bong?

You may be wondering how percolator bongs work and how they are different from other bongs. A percolator is any type of water pipe that cools down the marijuana smoke before you inhale it. It basically does this by filtering the smoke through water and by creating bubbles each time you take a hit.

When you pull the smoke for a hit, it diffuses with the water in the perc bong and the bowl, and if you have a percolator, it interacts with water for a second time. In case you have been taking bong rips without a percolator, you are surely missing out on the cool smoke and smooth hits.

In case you aren't already impressed by a perc bong, there are many different types of percolators and you can even get a double percolator bong. This is basically a bong with two percolator chambers which means it provides double the filtration and cooling. If you own a percolator weed bong, you can attach a percolator to your bong. There are plenty of smoking accessories available and the percolator is the most useful and functional one.

How to Use a Percolator Bong?

Using percolator bongs is a pretty straightforward process. Percolator bongs are usually tree perc which essentially means that you have to fill them from the top.

What you should do is pour in water through the percolator and it will flow down to the percolator water pipe into the lower chamber which stores the water. It is hard to get your percolator more than half full but we have a great tip that can help you do this!

Fill the water into your percolator slowly. This will ensure that the water level does not change or lessen because of a change in the pressure levels of your bong. It's important to ensure that you do not overfill or underfill your bong. You can easily do this by ensuring the downstem is completely underwater.

Make sure that there is enough water to cool your smoke, otherwise, the bong will not be as effective. In case you have double percolator bongs, you have to follow the same method. Just remember to pour in the water slowly!

Tips for Buying a Percolator Bong

There is a large variety of percolator bongs available online and it can be hard to choose. Don't worry as we have some amazing tips that can help you pick the correct percolator bong for you!

Your first consideration should be the price! You can easily get a cheap percolator bong for as low as $20. But we would recommend getting a good quality bong that is medium-sized and high-quality in the range of $20-$80 as it will last you longer. In case you are looking for a big bong with a double percolator and other accessories, you can find many options in the $80-$300 range.

Pay attention to the type of bong! There are many different types of percolators available online.

  • Honeycomb bongs have a unique perc that comes with a round disc with many tiny holes. Since the disc is flat, it is parallel to the base of your bong or dab rig. This means that the percolator creates tiny bubbles that it then shoots up through the percolator water pipe. Honeycomb percolators are a good option if you are looking for extra filtration and a smooth hit.

  • You can also consider tree perc bongs. As the name suggests, tree percolators essentially resemble a tree. They have multiple tubular arms that branch out like a tree. The percolator water pipe connects to the top and a tree percolator can create an insane amount of tiny bubbles which guarantees great filtration.

  • Showerhead percolators are also a great option since they provide a great amount of filtration. They have a tube that connects to the main chamber and you have to pull up the smoke through a larger tube. Showerhead percolators have openings of various sizes which creates bubbles of different sizes creating more diffusion.

  • You can also consider turbine percolators, matrix percolators, barrel percolators, and many other options. Make sure you do your research and figure out which is the best percolator bong for you.

Percolator bongs come in different materials. Regular bongs are mostly made of glass and while glass bongs are great and provide smooth hits, they are not the most durable and may easily fall and break if you are high. Therefore, you can also consider plastic, silicone, and vinyl bongs. These are a great option for clumsy stoners and party-goers who like to pass their bong. If you want to see the bong in person, check out your local smoke shop.

Is a Percolator Bong Right for You?

You may still be unsure if a percolator bong is a right option for you. Perc bongs are a great option for those who are new to smoking and enjoy a cool smoke. They are also great for those who prefer smoother hits and find a regular bong too harsh. Since a percolator creates more bubbles it can filter the bong water even more! So you should definitely consider buying a percolator bong and in case you already own a non-percolator bong, you can consider buying attaching a percolator to it!

Final Thoughts

Percolator bongs are a great option for those who enjoy smooth hits and can not handle stronger direct hits. There is also a wide variety of percolator bongs available online which means you get plenty of choices when making a purchase. The best part is that they are easy to maintain and use! You will definitely not be disappointed if you decide to purchase a percolator bong.

People Also Ask About Percolator Bongs

Percolator bongs may seem scary because they have a diffused downstem and different chambers, but they are a great product to own. We will answer some of the most asked questions about percolator bongs!

How Do You Clean a Percolator Bong?

It's important to keep your bong clean, especially if you are a frequent smoker. The great thing is that percolator bongs are fairly easy to clean. The most efficient way of cleaning a bong is by disassembling all the pieces. So simply disassemble the downstem, bowl, percolator, etc. Next, fill the bong with water and a cleaning mix such as a bong cleaner or Epsom salt and shake the bong for 5 minutes. Your bong will be squeaky clean and good to use!

How Much Water Do You Put In a Percolator Bong?

Like all other bongs, try to fill your percolator bong as much as you can. Most people are only able to fill it a little more than half full. But if you pour slowly, you can easily get it more full. Make sure that you pour from the top and downstem is submerged in water!