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Bong enthusiasts, rejoice! Plasma bongs are the newest invention to hit the market, and they're sure to revolutionize your smoking experience. These unique bongs utilize plasma technology to create an incredibly smooth, flavorful hit that will leave you wanting more. If you're looking for the ultimate smoking experience, don't hesitate to check out a plasma bong today!

What is a plasma bong?

In case you are new to the world of smoking weed, you may not have heard of a plasma bong before. A bong is essentially an instrument for filtration that is most often used for smoking weed and tobacco. Using a bong guarantees smooth hits and plasma bongs really take things to the next level.

A plasma bong produces a neutral plasma that is not only smooth to smoke but also looks beautiful. It's almost like a beautiful science experiment you can conduct at home!

There are a lot of plasma bongs for sale online and you may find it hard to make a decision. A plasma bong with a flux plasma water pipe is a fun and functional option that you should definitely consider for your bong collection. We'll be going over all the features and must-knows about plasma bongs so you can make an informed purchase!

How Does a Plasma Bong Work?

You may be wondering how a plasma bong works. It's a very intriguing process! Plasma bongs have a unique main unit compared to normal bongs. The main unit also comes with a bowl and two mouthpieces. There is a water reservoir connected to the main chamber, which holds the water and causes the bubbling. All you have to do is place your weed, cannabis, or tobacco on top of the water reservoir.

When your weed or cannabis burns, it will be filtered through the water. Since this is a plasma bong, the main chamber is dedicated to the plasma process. This main chamber has an integrated plasma light feature which gives your weed/cannabis its plasma-like magical look. After this, it goes up to the mouthpiece so you can finally smoke your weed. Plasma bongs elevate a smoke sesh as they allow you to enjoy smooth hits.

What are the Features of a Plasma Bong?

A plasma bong has many unique features which make it stand out and make it the center of every party and friend's hangout. Let's go over some of its important features:


What we love about plasma bongs is that they are extremely portable! They can easily fit into your normal bag or case. This means you can easily carry them around to a party or to your friend's house. The plasma bong will not only elevate a party but make you the center of attention as everyone will surely want a drag and enjoy the captivating lights!

Another great advantage of how portable the bong is is that you can easily carry and pass it at parties. So in case you want to change your spot at a party, you will not have to worry about spilling and can easily take the bong along with you.

The bong is also easy to charge and comes with a USB cable. In case you want to take the bong along but forgot to charge in advance, you can also take the USB cable along and plug it in for charging. The USB cable also does not take much space at all!

Glass Lights

You don't only get to enjoy your weed with a plasma bong but also get a light show! All you have to do is turn your room lights off. And since the bong is made out of plastic, you can enjoy the lights and even watch the water bubbling.

The best part is that plasma bong has in-built lights that go up every time you take a drag. The glass design makes it look like fireworks in a bottle! This makes the plasma bong great for both- a smoke sesh alone and with friends! You can opt for a Flux Plasma Water Pipe as it also looks amazing!


In case you weren't already impressed with the bong, you will be pleased to hear that plasma bongs come with multiple mouthpieces. You get 2 mouthpieces when you buy the bong. One of them is a straight pipe and the other is a 45-degree angle pipe, the curved mouthpiece.

You can also opt for curved mouth pieces if that is your thing. The best part is that plasma bongs are compatible with most types of mouthpieces which means you can easily experiment and discover which one works for you. You should check out some of the options online so you can make up your mind!

Having multiple mouthpieces is also a blessing if you do not like sharing your mouthpiece because of hygiene reasons. You can easily keep one mouthpiece for yourself and allow your friends and family to use the other one. It is really amazing that it included straight and curved mouthpieces.

Good Balance

Not only is the bong portable, but it also has a good weight and balance. While it is easy to carry, it is not extremely light which means it stays put and will not fall easily. The design is also efficient and built to maintain balance.


Plasma bongs tend to be rechargeable and come with USB cables. This means you do not have to rely on batteries and can easily take the USB cable along.

Is a Plasma Bong Right For You?

You may now know everything about plasma bongs but are you sure a plasma bong is the right option for you?

It is Convenient!

If you are a frequent cannabis user, you must know how rolling a joint is such a hassle. It also requires a lot of different materials such as rolling paper. You also have to spend time and effort rolling the joint. By buying a bong, you can get rid of all the hassle.

It is Smoother!

Smoking with a bong is also much smoother, it does not hit your throat as a joint does and is much less harsh. A bong gives a much cooler and fresh experience to your throat.

It Lights Up!

Additionally, plasma bongs feel especially cool and creamy to the throat. Besides the smooth hit, you also get to enjoy the plasma-like smoke and lights which can be a fascinating experience in itself.

You can also easily take the bong along to parties and become the center of attention! There are many different options online that you can consider such as the flux plasma water pipe.

People Also Ask about Plasma Bongs

Now that we have covered all the amazing features of a plasma bong, you must surely be dying to get your hands on one! Whether you get a normal plasma bong or a plasma water bong, you will surely see how much better it is than smoking directly! Here are frequent questions we get asked about plasma bongs.

Are Plasma Bongs Safe?

If you are a new cannabis smoker, you may be wondering if bongs are safe. We have already established that bongs give much more smooth hits compared to joints and are less harsh on your throat. However, you will be glad to learn that the traditional water pipe of a bong traps up to 90% of toxins from cannabis. The bong also filters out a lot of the THC, which is what makes them less harsh.

If you are a frequent cannabis user, bongs are not only a safer option but also much more efficient. A product that is highly rated and recommended is the Flux Plasma Water Pipe as it has all the features of a great plasma bong!

Does the Plasma Effect Mess with the Smoke?  

You may be worried that the plasma effect may mess with the smoke. However, plasma bongs come with separate chambers which ensures that the water flows smoothly. The dab rigs and plasma filaments are also built-in neatly which ensures that you have a great smoke sesh.