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If you grew up in the late 90s or early 2000s, chances are the Pokemon franchise was a defining part of your childhood and early teens. Even those who hadn’t played the games, or watched the TV series had heard of Pokemon. However, many of us were fully invested in the imaginary world and Pokemon memorabilia remains in high demand to this day. Due to popular demand, the number and types of Pokemon bongs are Bulba-soaring. Now's the time if you wanted to invest in a nostalgic, aesthetic, yet useful and fully-functional piece.

What is a Pokemon Bong? 

We’re all familiar with the cute and colorful monsters of the Pokemon world. We’re also all familiar with the concept of a bong. Put them together, and what do you get? A Pokemon bong! These are really your usual, run-of-the-mill smoking devices with themes based on the popular franchise. The actual design can range and is limited only insofar as the human imagination is.

How to Assemble a Pokemon Bong

Pokemon bongs work the same as any bong. You assemble all the pieces and accessories as you normally would.

What’s important to remember here is:

  • Fill the base with the appropriate amount of water - enough to cover all the downstem holes

  • Put the downstem in

  • If using a percolator, fill it with enough water to cover the air holes

  • Gently pack your herb of choice - making sure there’s enough airflow

  • Light a flame, hold it up to the bowl and start to inhale

  • Remove the bowl and take in all the accumulated smoke

  • Release  - there is no benefit to keeping the smoke in your lungs for longer periods

What Materials Are Pokemon Bongs?

Same as with any other type of bong, Pokemon pipes and bongs may come in different materials, designs, and sizes. They might have different features such as an ice catcher or ash catcher to enhance your smoking experience. Overall, Pokemon waterpipes are something all stoner Pokemon fans would love!

Pokemon Glass Bong

The most common type of bong you’ll come across is the high-quality borosilicate glass bong. Glass bongs can vary in shape from bubblers and mini Pokemon bongs to larger models. Some glass bongs have a regular shape and feature Pokemon-themed images, while others may be molded into intricate designs.

If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find a glass bong that features your favorite character, Pikachu and the Pokeball make the most common appearances. The most obvious design for a water pipe is the Pokemon ball glass bong - where the main body takes the shape of the well-known series symbol - the Pokeball.

You can easily find a water pipe with this motif. Usually, it's a simple and not-too-tall glass bong piece that can easily be transformed into a dab rig. All you need to do is slap a titanium dab nail or a quartz banger onto the piece - now it's dual purpose and works for concentrates as well as dry herbs.

Other devices might be more complex though. Some feature a sophisticated percolator - that may even be Pokemon-themed as well. Meanwhile, other bongs can be found with a removable glycerin chiller attachment - for smoother hits and no need to add ice.

Other Bong Materials

Glass bongs aren't the only option when purchasing a great product. Bongs can be found in other materials as well, such as acrylic, ceramic, or silicone. Different materials offer different design opportunities. A Pokemon silicone bong isn’t see-through, so there’s an opportunity to cover the entire model with characters.  Opting for something other than glass may also help you find a more affordable option.

Silicone especially tends to go for much lower prices, so if you’re searching for a Pokemon design, but are on a tighter budget - definitely look into silicone bongs.

What are the Benefits of a Pokemon Bong? 

The main benefit of a Pokemon bong is being able to say “I have a Pokemon bong!" Honestly, that should be reason enough to get one right away. Jokes aside, many of us grew up with the Pokemon franchise. To this day, the word “grass” still makes you think of emerging Pokemon first - with smoking being a very close second, of course.

The Old-School Design

One major benefit of purchasing a Pokemon bong is the nostalgia factor. You’ll get to bring a piece of your childhood into your current life and own a piece you can truly say you care about.

Top Quality of Material

Another plus is that almost any glass bong you see is made of high-quality borosilicate glass. This means the glass bong you buy will be solid and durable. Although, a glass bong has its limits and duration, so do be careful when handling it. You can also get a Pokemon bong in another material - most often silicone. Not only that, but these themed water pipes are very popular and extremely customizable. Whether you want a tree percolator or a UFO perc, a themed main water pipe body, or a beaker bong with art features - you can pretty much find it all in Pokemon style.

Original Design

Another benefit is getting to pick beautiful, unique designs. The possibilities are approaching limitless. These bongs aren’t just functional, but they can be saved as collection pieces - gotta catch ‘em all, right? The aesthetic value of some models almost outweighs the nostalgic worth. You can even supplement and embellish your Pokemon bong with other matching accessories. Something like a Pokeball grinder and a Pokemon-themed stash jar can be a perfect fit for your new silicone or glass bong. Now you’re ready for a completely Pokemon-based session.

Why Choose a Pokemon Bong? 

There are already various kinds of water pipes out there, so why choose a Pokemon one?

You can find as many variants of Pokemon-themed bongs as regular ones. You can have a high-quality glass bong featuring your favorite character or a sturdy silicone piece overrun with the main characters. Other than living out your inner child’s fantasies, choosing a Pokemon bong is a good way to add some spice to your smoking experience. Your room will already look like a wild Koffing has appeared, so it’s perfectly reasonable to embrace the fun of a themed bong. 

Simply put - why not?

Where Can I Buy Pokemon Bongs?

Pokemon, as we mentioned, is an extremely popular franchise. Thus, it’s not difficult to find themed bongs for sale, especially when looking online. Many sites supply Pokemon bongs and you can find highly customized pieces online.

Before you go buying, keep in mind what the most significant feature is for you. This will help you narrow your search. Are you looking for a perc bong? Is the material a key factor? Are you on the hunt for a dab rig or a water pipe? Finally, what’s your price range? The shape, size, and design will all influence the cost of a Pokemon bong.

You can buy a Pokemon bubbler for around $20, while larger pieces, like a high-quality borosilicate glass dab rig or a mini bong, can range from $40 to over $100. The biggest and most ornate and elaborate pieces can cost hundreds of dollars. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option - shop for silicone bong pieces. Many consider the best bong to be a glass bong. However, silicone can function just as well and have just as stylish of an appearance.