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There are many ways to enjoy cannabis. From classic joints and blunts to edibles and dab rigs, the bong remains a favorite among many smokers. Bongs are essentially water pipes that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

Bongs usually feature a small bowl that is used to hold cannabis. Once you light up the weed, smoke is created. As you inhale this smoke, the water at the bottom starts to bubble and the smoke hits get cooler. Bongs enhance your smoking experience which is why they are preferred by many smokers. Over the years, bongs have been designed in a variety of styles. One example is the recycler bong which has been a popular choice among smokers.

What Is A Recycler Bong?

No, a recycler bong is not made up of recycled glass. It gets its name because it constantly recycles the water from the chambers.

A recycler rig is essentially a two-chambered bong that results in smoke that is more filtered and has cooler hits. This makes you experience less coughing while you smoke as compared to any other way of smoking. A recycler rig comes with additional layers of smoke filtration as compared to its counterparts. This is because of its double-chambered design. Like simple bongs, the first chamber is a water reservoir. When you smoke, the water is passed through the second chamber before it returns to the first one. This is why the bong is known as a recycler.

While smoking, you will see that a smoke and water action is created on a loop. The smoke is fed into the additional chamber. The bong also comes with intake and drain tubes that takes the water back.

How Do Recycler Rigs Work?

Here is a detailed overview of how recycler rigs work:

  • The glass-made bong comes with two chambers that work together to provide you with a smooth smoking experience. These chambers are connected to each other through tubes.

  • The bottom chamber comes with a large size and it is where the water is contained to help remove any controlled substances.

  • First, the recycler is filled with water.

  • Once, you have lit up the cannabis, smoke is produced. This smoke goes through the tubes to the compartment with water. Water and smoke are mixed in this compartment. The water filters the smoke out.

  • After the smoke has been filtered, the water is pulled into the second compartment. Here, your smoke gets recycled and is filtered once again.

  • The smoke that you inhale goes through this continuous loop of filtering which makes it easier to inhale.

What are the Types of Recycler Bongs?

Even when it comes to recycler bongs, there are many different types. We have listed some of them for you.


First up, we have the external bongs which are very popular among smokers because of their affordable price. These bongs come with a simple design that includes an external chamber above the water reservoir of the bong.

The first chamber comes with a percolator that helps filter out the smoke after it has passed through the water. The two chambers in the bong are linked through an interlinking arm. This bong makes your smoke session even more fun. However, one downside to this design is that its filtration system is not as refined as that of an internal recycler bong.


These bongs are also known in the market as "in-cycle bongs" and are extremely popular in the market. An internal recycler comes with two chambers that conduct the process for smoke filtering. This type of bong is usually smaller in size due to the internal location of the chambers attached. This glass recycler is also durable and allows you to keep it in use for a long time. You can easily clean the chambers.


A Klien bong has the best of both worlds as it features properties of both, internal and external recyclers. Klein recycler comes with a tube outside the water chamber and another glass tube inside the water chamber. Many people prefer hits from this bong, however, when it comes to cleaning, it can become quite a hassle for some.

What are the Benefits of Recycler Bongs?

When it comes to recycler bongs, numerous benefits can help you decide as to why you should get them. Firstly, this device looks cool while it is in function. The glass tubes allow you to see how smoke and water mix and travel from one compartment to another. You can get this bong just to see this in action.

Secondly, don't let all the additional chambers and tubes fool you because a recycler takes just as long as any other bong would. The extra filtration process does not affect the timing of your smoke.

Another benefit is that it provides you with more flavored dabs. Since the smoke goes into the second compartment before you inhale, it reduces contact with air. It allows for a better air flow and enhances the flavor. The second chamber also ensures that you don't inhale bong water by accident.

As compared to other types of bongs, a recycler holds more water. This results in the smoke being surrounded by the water constantly. This helps remove any heat, making the hits cooler. The water also helps reduce any pollutants or carcinogens that might be in cannabis.

Apart from this, the recycler rig also results in a more intense level of intoxication. This is not recommended for inexperienced people.

Where Can I Buy a Recycler Bong?

There are many places where you can buy the best bongs from.

You can go shopping online and browse through any smoking website that has bongs for sale. Do your research before buying a bong and make sure that the bong meets your needs. Read online reviews about the product and see if the bong is worth investing in or not.

You can also go to any nearest smoking shop and see if they have a collection of recycler rigs. Going to a shop allows you to see the bongs and test them out in real life. However, if you are unable to find a shop nearby then it's a sign for you to shop for your bong online.

Are Recycler Bongs Better?

If you are looking for a smoother smoking experience, then you should definitely consider buying recycler rigs. Not only do these bongs come with an intricate design, but they also come with a lot of benefits that include full-flavored dabs, bigger hits, additional filtration, and much more.