Silicone Bongs

Silicone bongs are said to be unbreakable, great for the life adventurer. Break-resistant rubber water pipes like silicone bongs are durable, stylish, and still deliver powerful hits comparable to glass

When it comes to collecting cannabis-related paraphernalia, most weed lovers have managed to acquire at least a few glass bongs. After all, glass bongs are definitely considered to be higher quality compared to other materials and they do look pretty on a shelf.

Yet, when it comes to their practicality, durability, and everyday usage, one cannot fully rely on a glass bong. It's easily breakable and not really convenient to bring along. This is why silicone water pipes, or silicone pipes, have slowly but surely ascended the bong popularity ladder. Keep reading to know more about what silicone bongs are, how they're meant to be used, and what are the biggest benefits you may get from them!

What is a Silicone Bong?

Simply put, a silicone bong, or a silicone water pipe, is a bong made of silicone. Silicone is a synthesized polymer, containing several chemical ingredients, including silicon, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Silicone pipes are very durable and flexible. Food grade silicone and all higher-certified types of silicone, including medical silicone, have various properties that make them ideal for smoking.

What are the Benefits of Silicone Bongs?

There are many benefits to using silicone bongs over any other type of bongs - no wonder they're a fan favorite. We're going to outline the few main ones which may prompt you to purchase a silicone bong.

Quality of Hits

If you consider the chemical compound that is silicone, it's easy to see why it's ideal for getting high-quality, extremely strong hits from the legal dry herb you'll be smoking. You'll be getting the full cannabis experience without risking the influence of any unwanted toxins.

Also, you won't burn your hands from the heat inside the water pipe - nor will that water leak. You'll be able to relax and completely enjoy your experience, just as if you were smoking from a glass bong.

Sturdiness and Durability

Unlike glass bongs, you won't have to worry about your favorite bong breaking easily. And you won't even need to put in so much care! What often happens to cannabis enjoyers is that their hands get slippery, or they just get distracted and drop their bong by accident.

If the material is fragile, the bong is very unlikely to survive such an adventure. This is why a flexible, and sturdy bong that won't break is necessary for clumsy smokers. Purchase one, and feel free to relax and smoke as much as you want without worrying about losing your favorite piece of the collection.

Regular Price

Considering how common a material silicone is, it's understandable that silicone bongs would be significantly cheaper than glass ones. Especially if it's quite a small dab rig, we're looking at something in the $5 to $20 regular price range! Affordable and made from BPA-free food-grade silicone material. Rather good, right?

If you happen to be in a pinch or are just looking to buy a bong as quickly as possible, a silicone water pipe would be the option to go for. Just open the website of your favorite online head shop and that's it! You won't spend too much money, yet you'll get a perfectly functional device, without losing any of the quality of experience.


One of the many benefits is easy cleaning. Silicone is a material that doesn't stick, and due to it being waterproof, you can just put it underwater, or through a dishwasher, and it'll be as good as new! You won't need any special silicone bong cleaner, such as isopropyl alcohol, for instance. Just be thorough. Silicone water pipes are also easy to dismantle to clean better. Pour out the old bong water, remove the glass bowl, silicone downstem, and metal inner stem, and you're good to go!

Handiness and Convenience

Judging from all this, it's easy to realize that silicone bongs are very portable. They're light, durable, and flexible and often come in small, compact sizes. You can just take your smallest silicone bong with you for your next trip and you won't have to fear breaking or losing it. It'll be very easy to clean it! Even if you do end up damaging it, it won't be too expensive to replace it!

Tips for Buying a Silicone Bong Online

Silicone bongs, or silicone pipes, are one of the greatest accessories for your collection. They have so much versatility that makes them very favored by the smoking community. Here are some tips when purchasing silicone bongs or hand pipes.

  • Choose Popular Brands: The more popular the silicone bong brand, the better the chances of them being safe and legitimate. Well-known manufacturers have a reputation to uphold.

  • Variety of Silicone Bongs and Silicone Smoking Accessories: Opt for a brand that offers you a wide variety of silicone bubblers for sale. They're probably well-established. You can also find the specific type or design that you're looking for. Silicone bongs come in many shapes and sizes!

  • User-submitted reviews found: See what other customers have to say about a particular silicone dab rigs producer or a specific product. This is your most reliable source of information regarding the best bongs out there.

  • Check the details: Depending on what type of silicone bong you're looking for, see if it's easy to deconstruct, if it's big or small, or if it comes with additional equipment. Make sure to buy exactly what you need.

Is a Silicone Bong Right for You?

If you're an avid weed smoker who happens to be on the move constantly, a silicone bong is definitely the choice for you! Not only will you be able to take it anywhere with you, but you'll be able to construct and deconstruct it as needed. If you're quite clumsy and tend to easily break things, or if you have pets, you'll benefit from a silicone bong. If you're tight on money and only want to enjoy a top-notch high, you needn't look further than a good and affordable silicone water pipe.

People Also Ask About Silicone Bongs

Despite what type of bong you own, a silicone bong is one your collection needs! Again, they are sturdy, durable, and everlasting. There is so much to know and understand about silicone bongs that a beginner stoner might not know. Here are some frequent questions that are asked about silicone bongs.

Why Are Silicone Bongs So Great?

Some of the most recognizable traits about silicone hand pipes and bongs are:

  • No Bacteria - They're inert and resistant to most toxic and micro-bacterial properties, meaning that they won't react with any vaporized substances you put them in contact with.

  • Resistant - They're water-resistant and heat-resistant, meaning that the water pipes won't leak, and the hot liquid won't burn you when you touch the outside of the silicone pipe.

  • Gliding - They're not sticky, so most substances that would be in touch with them won't stick and will naturally slide away.

  • Durable - They're incredibly sturdy, both physically and chemically, making them perfect for all kinds of practical usages.

While glass bongs truly are a nice addition to one's collection, silicone bongs are more used, highly practical, long-lasting, and versatile as well.

How Do You Clean a Silicone Bong?

Many silicone bongs are incredibly easy to clean. Just dismantle it if you can, and submerge it into warm water and some dish soap. You can also add vinegar. Just don't use alcohol, as it may damage the bong. Let the bong soak, and then just thoroughly rub it. Rinse it with water and dry it. That's it! Remember to clean your accessories such as silicone nectar collectors and glass bowls!

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Personal experiences have shown that silicone bongs are completely safe to use and smoke weed from! They're resistant to toxins and heat, allowing you to safely use them to smoke weed without being concerned about them catching fire, or spreading unwanted chemicals. Just smoke as much as you want and silicone bongs promise you the right kind of high and safety you deserve.