Straight Tube Bongs

Straight tube bongs are indeed straight and shoot hard. The straight bong is a classic bong style that every cannabis enthusiast should have. With the most direct hits, this OG bong pulls easy and is easy

Straight Tube Bongs

If you are a frequent cannabis user you may already know but in case you are new to the world of cannabis smoking, you need to know what a straight tube bong is! There are two basic types of bongs water pipe types which include straight tube bongs. Straight tube bongs are made of high-quality glass or silicone which makes them sturdy and long-lasting.

Straight tube bongs are a classic style that most cannabis users prefer. They are also a great option for those who are beginners in the world of cannabis.

What is a Straight Tube Bong?

A straight tube bong is one of the simplest and most popular designs for a bong. It is essentially a long, tube-shaped pipe with a bowl on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. The smoke travels from the bowl, down the length of the pipe, and into your lungs.

Straight tube bongs are easy to use and clean, and they produce great-tasting hits. They're also affordable, which makes them a favorite among budget-minded smokers. If you're looking for an easy-to-use, affordable bong that delivers big hits, then a straight tube model is definitely for you!

What are the Benefits?

Let's go into more detail regarding what a straight tube bong is. The straight tube refers to the glass water type or dab rig which is shaped straight and cylindrical. You may be wondering what a dab rig is.

A dab rig is an essential instrument in every bong. It is usually made out of glass and is also referred to as an oil rig. The dab rig has a versatile body design and has many uses. It is used to smoke different types of cannabis concentrates including rosin, hash, weed and CO2 oil, etc.

A dab rig looks similar to traditional straight tubes but it also comes with a nail that is usually made of titanium or glass and it helps hold the heated concentration. A dab rig can heat the cannabis concentrate to a high temperature of almost 700 degrees so that it vaporizes.

Tips for Buying a Straight Tube Bong Online

If you are looking to buy a straight tube bong online, you might be overwhelmed by all the options available! The good thing is we have a few tips and tricks that can help you make an informed decision when buying a straight tube bong or dab rig.

Pay Attention to the Material!

Glass bongs are the most common type. While they are the best and most pure option for smoking, they do not last very long and get worn out easily. Glass bongs also break very easily. And since it's easy to drop things when you are high, they can be an unreliable option.

In case you do decide to go for a glass bong, get borosilicate glass and make sure the glass thickness is sufficient so it is durable. There are also many alternatives to glass bongs including plastic, silicone, and vinyl. These are a great option for new and clumsy stoners. The good thing is that straight tubes come in most materials.

Shape and Size

Bongs come in many shapes and colors which makes it hard to choose. While the classic design is the straight tube with a down-stem and bowl, there are not many unique alternatives also available. You can now find bongs with spirals, curves, and other shapes that you may not even have imagined!

If you are a newbie, go for the basic design since it is easier to use and maintain. Larger bongs are more harsh and heavy which makes them a good option for heavy stoners. You can opt for a mini straight tube bong if you are not a heavy smoker and prefer a more mellow experience. Also, look at the grip handle and make sure it is sturdy so the bong is easy to handle.

Type of Dab Rig

In case you go for a straight tube dab rig, pay attention to things like size. A smaller dab rig will be easier to carry and more portable. Look at the type of nail also. Nails are made of different materials including glass, ceramic, titanium, and quartz. The type of material affects your inhaling experience and the way the bong works. So make sure you pick a high-quality one!


It is, of course, important to look at the price. A typical bong of medium size and good quality is for around $20-80. In case you want a bigger bong with more accessories, you can find a good one for around $80-$300! You can easily purchase more smoking gear later to elevate your smoking experience.

Is a Straight Tube Bong Right for You?

You may be wondering if a straight tube bong is a right type for you. There are many advantages of a straight tube bong. One major advantage is that straight tube bongs come with smoking accessories and they are compatible with most additional accessories. Some of these accessories include percolators, ice-catchers, and chambers.

Straight tube bongs also have less spacious chambers which means that you do not have to pull very hard to clear the chamber. This means you have a better smoking experience and the vapor is not as harsh. However, this can vary depending on the size of the overall bong.

Straight tube water pipes are also a great option if you are looking for more filtration since they make use of the entire water pipe for filtration and are straight shooters. this allows for a smoother smoking experience.

Final Thoughts

You should definitely consider purchasing a straight tube bong! The straight tube bong is a classic design and is easily available online with free USA shipping, you can also easily get your hands on smoking accessories and purchase products.

Glass artists have now come up with many creative options yet the classic straight tube bong preserves. It is also a great option since it is easy to clean and maintain. It should be your first preference if you are looking for a straight shooter bong. You can experiment at your own risk but out of all the styles available, the straight tube bong is the most reliable option!

People Also Ask

Straight tubes are an OG classic water pipe! They can be customizable with an ice catcher, glass thickness, bowl piece, and design. It might be scary to buy something that is so simple but has a lot of functions and gadgets. When buying straight shooters, it is best to read user-submitted reviews found on the bottom of a product. They will tell you what to expect! If you don't have time for that, continue reading to learn more about straight tubes.

How Do You Clean a Straight Tube Bong?

If you smoke regularly, you should also be cleaning your bong regularly. Good thing is that bongs are pretty easy to clean. For one of the easiest methods, you simply have to use hot water! Place your bong into a sink and then fill up the sink with boiling water from a kettle. Let the bong sit this way for almost 20 minutes. Now empty the sink and remove your bong.

You can use a brush or pipe cleaner to remove additional tar and residue from the bong. Make sure you clean it thoroughly so there is no residue left! Then simply rinse it with some water and it should be squeaky clean! The good thing about such bongs is that they are easy to clean so will not mind doing it regularly.

How Much Water Do You Put in a Straight Tube Bong?

It's important to put the correct amount of water in a straight tube bong so that it works properly. The short answer is that you should put just enough water that the downstem and slits are submerged in water. Some bongs may have a diffused downstem that does not have stems. In this case, make sure the bottom of the downstem is half an inch or so into water.

The best thing about straight tube bongs is that they are easy to fill. You can easily pour in water from the mouthpiece on top. You can also choose to remove the downstem and pour in water through the stem if you find that more convenient.