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Tornado Bongs

When you're hanging out with some friends, and the atmosphere becomes monotonous, smoking a quality bong may add some fun and excitement. If you want to make the best of the water pipe tobacco smoking experience, try using a tornado bong.

The tornado bong will surely be a great sensation among your group of friends, all the while giving you a slightly cool and filtered smoke, unlike other bongs. It's an effect that will impress your buddies and make the tornado bong become one of your favorite ones in no time. Want to hear all the details and features of a great tornado bong? Stay with us.

What is a Tornado Bong?

Tornado bongs, also known as cyclone bongs are water pipes that come with a turbine perc on the bottom or top of a stack. The tornado perc bong can be found in diverse shapes such as discs or tubes that guide the smoke to produce a tornado appearance.

A tornado bong can be equipped with one or numerous cyclone percs. It not only improves the smoking experience, but it's also a great conversation starter. The denser the smoke, the more visible the tornado motion will be.

This water pipe features several percs that spin the smoke as you breathe it in, resulting in a smoother and delectable hit. The mouthpiece is ringed for comfort, and the wide base is made of exceptionally thick glass for stability. Usually, a cyclone bong is around 14 inches tall and includes a female joint and an ash catcher. The ash catcher keeps the water extra filtrated and clean at all times.

What's even better about tornado bongs is that they're made from high-quality glass most often manufactured by Diamond glass. We offer a few water pipes made by them as they are well-trusted. Make sure your next purchase is a saucer design water pipe which is a one-of-a-kind and lavish type.

How Does a Tornado Bong Work?

Tornado bongs function by utilizing angled tornado perc that wraps around in a disk. The pressure you provide as you pull through the cyclone bong drives the water through the openings.

The water flows in the direction of the turbine perc, generating a tornado effect. As the generated smoke rotates inside, the water helps to cool it down and remove particles. The water level is determined by the location of the cyclone perc. In case you have turbine perc stacked upon other percs in the tornado bong, the chamber shouldn't be submerged in water.

To get the tornado motion going, you'll need a nice and slow drag from the water pipe. A strong pull won't create a tornado experience and will just give you a flavor of bong water. The water will not spin, but instead burst into many bubbles, which will not affect the smoking.

On the other hand, a mild draw is likewise ineffective. There will be a narrow line of cooler smoke that will be too thin to generate the tornado cyclone effect.

What Are the Benefits of a Tornado Bong?

You may often question yourself, how does the process of smoking a tornado vortex bong benefit you? Well, the answer is it will in many ways. Here are some of the best benefits that come from a cyclone bong.

  • The cool water in the water pipe can calm down the smoke, providing your throat a cut-off unlike what you would experience by a regular bong's hit. You don't have to inhale very hard to create the tornado effect. A gradual and steady pull is sufficient to produce the swirl and enjoy some extra bubbles.

  • The process of swirling the smoke around can remove some particles that would otherwise remain in it and strike you.

  • From what we discovered in some reviews by customers, cyclone bongs can help preserve the tasty flavor from some of your favorite smoke-ables. If you enjoy cigarettes with particular flavors, tornado cyclone bongs are ideal for you.

  • Cyclone bongs are easy to clean. A glass bong should be tenderly wiped with water from the outside, and it's best to also wipe the water chamber and ash catcher to remove all debris. Unlike the glass bongs, there are also silicone tornado bongs that are even easier to clean as you can simply put them in the dishwasher.

  • You can add various kinds of accessories to a tornado bong. In every online store, there can be found many categories of different parts for your bong.

  • The overall cost of glass tornado bongs varies. However, it is quite affordable for everyone. There are categories like "price low to high" for those who are on a budget, but also "price high to low" for those planning to spend more money on a quality glass bong.

How to Use a Tornado Bong?

One of the best features of the tornado bong is its simplicity and undemanding usage. These glass bongs are quite simple to use and similar to other water pipes. To generate the tornado motion you don't have strong lungs to generate as much draw as other percs.

You simply need to inhale through the mouthpiece and a steady draw is what's required to create the bubbles and experience the magnificent show of smoke. The tornado bong is ideal for people who wish to use a perc but lack the strength to remove smoke from a typical bong.

The flavor and sensation provided by the tornado bong, are very powerful. You obtain the full essence of your green plants because smoke just spins, rather than dissipate in the water. All of those natural tastes will strike you hard, making this excellent for individuals who prefer the full flavor and power of their herbs.

Where Can I Buy a Tornado Bong?

If you search for one, a cyclone bong can be found in any glass bong store or online shop. The best and easiest way to purchase cyclone bongs is from reliable online shops that offer glass bongs at an affordable price. Most good online shops that you should buy products from offer free shipping and bring the glass bong to your doorstep via a fast delivery service within a few days.

Some of the best glass bong sellers offer a whole refund in case the turbine perc doesn't work properly or something is wrong with the bong. You simply have to sign in online, and contact the team via phone or mail, and your money will be covered and returned to you as fast as possible.

You can also buy glass cyclone bongs from shops near you where you can also get free shipping if the total price exceeds a certain amount. You just have to wait a few days and you'll get the packages

However, before buying a tornado bong, don't forget that most reliable shops require you to be at least 21 years of age and to verify that, to be able to make purchases. Check out our selection of tornado bongs!