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In this day and age, there exist almost infinite types of bongs. Some bongs are insanely expensive, though made from premium materials such as glass or metal, as well as physically massive. Oftentimes, these are meant to be stored as collection pieces, part of a weed lover's cannabis paraphernalia collections.

Other bongs, however, are cheaper, smaller, and more compact, and come made from materials like silicone. Plus, these are also easily deconstructable, colorful, patterned, and specifically designed to cater to the different needs of customers. Many bongs come with additional functional features, which then allow smokers to achieve particular effects when smoking.

Be it a thick glass bong, or a practical plastic one, all related products serve a designated type of user. When speaking about bongs, we cannot skip mentioning some of the best bongs out there - UFO bongs. A UFO bong can be a unique piece in any person's collection, and there's quite a special reason for that. Below, read everything you wanted to know about UFO bongs.

What is a UFO Bong?

To begin with, the reason why a UFO bong would stand out is that there are two different types of dab rig that fall under the UFO bong category.

  • On one hand, a UFO or an alien bong can be a bong with an alien or UFO-inspired design to it. A UFO-themed rig could be big or small, a silicone or a glass bong, and would mainly differentiate itself from other types of water pipes by its stand-out visuals.

  • On the other hand, a UFO bong may refer to a UFO perc bong. This would be a bong with a special type of percolator, which allows for extra filtration of the smoke. In essence, this dual-chamber rig includes a special type of UFO percolator, which looks like a showerhead percolator but has more small holes for additional filtration. Allegedly, it's made with hidden alien technology and allows for a smooth and flavorful vapor to be inhaled.

  • Finally, a UFO bong can be both of these things at once - a silicone or glass pipe with an alien-inspired design and a UFO perc which prompts maximum diffusion of the hemp wick, giving you the ultimate flavor ride.

Keep reading to discover the exact advantages that this type of dab rig can get you!

What are the Benefits of a UFO Bong?

At this point, we're going to assume that you've decided to go for the third type of UFO bong - the one that unites the literal UFO design and the UFO upper chamber. These are the reasons why it should be a priceless purchase:

It looks Stunning

A nice piece with a bit of alien imagery can truly become an imposing part of your collection of smoking accessories. Not only that, but it will also impress all people who visit your home and get to see it. Depending on how often you use it, you'll be able to imagine that you're visiting not-yet-explored galaxies - on the very first inhale!

It Will Get You a Cool and Smooth High

On the topic of the smoke itself, the hemper UFO vortex rig will additionally filter the air you're supposed to inhale. By diffusing it further through several venturi inlets, it will prevent any scorching to your throat and, indirectly, allow you to be able to take more hits in one sitting. The air you breathe in will be cool and light, giving you the ideal smoke experience.

You Can Purchase Products at Any Price

Depending on whether you go for a bigger or smaller, a glass or a silicone water pipe, you'll be able to find one ranging between the $15 and $300 range! A UFO bong is a useful device that lets you spin air at an incredibly affordable price point. More than that, you can get an excellent quality hemper UFO vortex bong that'll remain a part of your collection forever!

Of course, before rushing things, finding random UFO bongs for sale, and getting your package ready for delivery, you're recommended to know how to actually use a UFO perc bong. Don't worry, there's no big philosophy to it.

How to Fill a UFO Perc Bong?

The only thing that you need to be aware of is how to fill the hemper UFO vortex bong with numerous venturi inlets. It's quite easy to do this. We recommend filling the hemper UFO vortex bong from the top. Simply pour some water through the perc until you're sure that there's enough liquid in the lower chamber - that's it!

You can then proceed to enjoy your smoke from a hemper UFO rig in the good old-fashioned way, getting an excellent quality experience. At this point, the only thing on your mind should be where and how exactly you're going to be getting a hemper UFO water pipe. Which is what we'll be covering next.

Where Can I Buy a UFO Bong?

Whereas it's quite unlikely that you'll encounter UFO bongs in your local head shop, they're widely available online. Provided that weed has legal use in your state, you'll be able to acquire all kinds of herb grinders, hand pipes, or CBD products by simply visiting the right online store. The same goes for alien rigs.

Many reputable websites can be more than helpful when it comes to you finding a good condition product - with fast and free shipping at that! Just browse through reviews by customers on the website, and try going through forums to see other opinions on the particular online store. Search thoroughly to find the right product that satisfies your needs - at the right price.

Whether it's a gift for a weed-enthusiastic friend or a personal treat just for yourself, you need to be equally careful to go for the best one there is. Moreover, if you have a website that you regularly visit, see if you can make use of a coupon code, or a similar discount option. Last but not the least, unless you were worried about subtlety, you'll be happy to learn that most accessories of this sort tend to be delivered in discreet packaging, usually in an unmarked brown box. Rest assured - you'll have your cool UFO pipe ready for use in no time!