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Vase Bongs

A valuable tool for every weed stoner, bongs have been around forever. Used in the days of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, bongs were the commoner's and royal's mutual treat. It is believed that Scythians used gold bongs for smoking opium and cannabis some 2,400 years ago. There are also rumors that Empress Dowager Cixi was buried with three of her favorite water pipes.

This loyal weed-smoking piece is often difficult to hide from prying eyes due to its size. However, thanks to Kat Briceno, antique vases were turned into bongs. After testing and experimenting with the vases, she came up with pressed flower vase bongs that became viral instantly. Users don't have to hide vase bongs anymore. New releases have a modern design that can fit into any home decor. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. Vases that look like bongs are the real deal. Display them as your favorite vase and don't worry about getting caught.

What is a Vase Bong?

A vase bong is simply a bong that has the shape of an antique vase. They may be made of various materials and customized based on the wishes of the users.

The most popular vase bongs are made of glass, plastic, metal, resin, and ceramic vase bongs. Top brands sell bongs, bud vases, and other accessories like a flower poker, which are available for you to enjoy while smoking solo or sharing a puff with friends.

When you purchase products like glass or ceramic vase bong, be careful how you handle them because they can easily break. A more secure version for clumsy users is the plastic or metal vase.

How Does a Vase Bong Work?

Novice users of vase bongs might need to gain some practice on this type of bong smoking.
So how does one use vase bongs? Let's go step by step and teach you what you need to do.

  1. Fill the bong with water at room temperature. Where to fill it in? You can use either the downstream or the mouthpiece. To be sure you have enough water, fill it till it covers the percolator.

  2. Time to grind the weed or flowers you wish to smoke. Start by loading the bowl with the grinding powder just enough so that it has sufficient airflow. Don't pack too tightly or your weed may have a bitter taste.

  3. Light the bong with a great lighting technique called cornering the bowl. This technique keeps the weed's original flavor.

  4. Bend the vase and, using the mouthpiece, try to drag gradually and inhale. Aim towards filling the bong with smoke and slowly inhale the smoke that remains.

  5. To clean the ground flowers that sometimes get clogged to the bowl, use the flower poker.

What are the Benefits of a Vase Bong?

Now that you are more familiar with the intended use of the flower vase bong, it's a good time to discuss how your smoking experience may improve with the use of a bud vase. Here is a list of tips issued by top brands on using bongs.


The preparation process requires less time than rolling weed or tobacco on paper. Rolling papers is time-consuming and they might not burn properly. Using a water pipe or vase that looks like a bong makes life easier.

No Mess, Smell, Trays

The reality of cannabis consumption is making joint by rolling papers, while at the same we are collecting ash and emptying dirty full ashtrays. Not a pretty picture right? This is why many choose the clean vase bong unit. Simply prepare it and consume the bowl content without worrying about the mess.

A Promising Hit

Bongs are considered to be an efficient way of weed consumption. When using a water pipe, you can smoke five hits with the amount that you will use to roll a single joint. By reducing the number of grams for consumption, you can afford to get high-quality weed.

Weed Amount Control

Using the right dosage is an essential part of cannabis consumption. By using the old-school technique of smoking a joint you'll never know the exact amount of cannabis you used. The bud vase allows you to check the grams of weed consumed without the threat of overdosing.

A Healthier Option

Smoking a joint presents a health hazard as you smoke the paper (which may contain toxic materials) along with the flower, which at the same time is pricey. As we already mentioned, using a bud vase leaves options for buying high-quality flowers and offers a healthier way of smoking cannabis. Bongs also offer more hits than a joint so they are great for sharing.

The Visuals

Bongs are considered to be cannabis artwork. Primarily intended for weed consumption, bud vases are also great home decor accessories. Choose a ceramic piece of art decorated with cowrie shells, seaweed sesh, or delicate white relief flowers from an online headshop for an affordable price. Bongs can highlight your individuality and personality regardless of age. Treat them as art in your house and feel free to show their beauty to the world.

Activates the Senses

A bud vase can offer an enhanced sensory experience. The air-tight system offers a smooth and pure smoking experience. The selection of tools used for flower consumption changes the whole experience.

Where Can I Buy a Vase Bong?

Purchase products like a bud vase, pipe, and other tools from a top brand online headshop. One such shop is My Bud Vase created by Doreen Sullivan. Creating every vase with artistry, she's the queen of producing a bud vase by enhancing the beauty and style of every piece.

Doreen Sullivan is a visionary in the world of CBD products that can be used as tools for a cure, recreation with friends, and home decor. She's making history by turning My Bud Vase into one of the top brands. Each bud vaseline is made of high-quality materials that portray the feminine energy of the designer. Search for a ceramic or glass vase with delicate white relief flowers or any other gorgeous style or design.

A verified buyer recommends shopping for the right gift for your friends, at the right price.
The product that made quite a splash is made with a cowrie shell and seaweed sesh. An excellent vase to be used for swimming solo or with closest friends. In general, vase bongs come at higher prices than other bong types, all due to the intricacy put into designing them. So, if you have the cash to splurge, you can find options starting at around $100 and higher.

Why Should You Buy a Vase Bong?

Bongs made quite a splash among global users of cannabis. After cannabis was legalized, people have decided to bring the experience up a notch. Vases that look like bongs are the new thing now. Maybe you are new to this and don't know what to expect. Not to worry, as you will get the hang of it if you pay attention to the steps given above.

A flower vase bong is a cute gift for girls because they are girly and gorgeous. For the guys, you can always purchase one of the simpler designs. Enjoy the use of bud vase but always bear in mind that you need to be careful with the consumption, especially if you are using it for medicinal purposes. Always follow the instructions provided by your doctor and let the hit sway you away!