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Los Angeles, CA

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It's time to become acquainted with what the future has to offer with Futurola. Futurola started in Amsterdam out of a coffee shop in the mid-'90s. One brother and one sister held a team Evert to deliver this incredible invention. Thanks to their hard work, they are now running one of the most profitable rolling paper companies in the smoking world. What separates these rolling papers above the others? These rolling papers maintain their durability while also being the thinnest available. French Arabic gum is used to make this amazing roller produce a perfect burn and do so evenly. Their king-sized cone roller is the best staple that's ever come out of Amsterdam or anywhere in the world for that matter. A lot of their success has also come from products other than rolling papers. They make the perfect grinders and rollers and create excellent storage tubes and rolling trays. It doesn't matter whether you need one or a few products. These guys create something special for each one of their customers. Check out Futurola deals at Slyng.com.