Hamilton Devices

We are an authorized and the biggest CCELL supplier in USA.

Hamilton Devices is an authentic CCELL supplier that provides you with the best of the best in the vaporizer technologies. Bringing their consumer's full flavor, huge clouds, and 510 threading is what they do best!

On Slyng since 2018

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Hamilton Devices has the best in vaping that you could ever want. When it comes to vapes and accessories, they can give you the best. Their website lists them as the country's biggest CCELL supplier. High-quality products and parts can be obtained when you put your trust in them. This California based company offers vape products, vape devices, vape batteries, CCELL products, accessories, and cartridges. From disposable products that can only be used once, to reusable carts and batteries, they have it all. There's a good chance that if you need it, Hamilton Devices can give it to you. The KR1 is a new product that they offer and provides users with the ability to vape concentrate and cartridges. Those who use the KR1 can stealthily vape in private and hide their cartridges in the process. All of your vape needs can be met with Hamilton Devices and Slyng.com has the best deals on products offered by Hamilton Devices.