Hemp House MN

Minneapolis, MN

On Slyng since 2023

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ntroducing Hemp House MN, the unrivaled destination for all your cannabis needs. Proudly crowned as Minnesota's premier dispensary in 2023, we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience. Discover a wide range of top-notch brands, available for both in-store pickup and convenient online ordering. As well as delivery. All offered at competitive prices. Brace yourself for a journey of indulgence with renowned names like Botany Farms, CANN, Cantrip, Crested River, Crooked Beverage Co, Edwins Edibles, Find Wunder, Fizzy THC, Granny's, Gigli, Gus Dean, Minny Grown, Trail Magic, Modist, and No Coast. Get ready to elevate your senses with Hemp House MN.