Oil & Wax Rigs And Accessories

Oil & Wax Rigs often referred to as Dab Rigs, are concentrate water pipes designed specifically for oils and waxes (dabs). Dab accessories are also a must for every dabber. Now you can get the most out


Xvape Vista Mini
$11800 $125.00
iDab Bubble Carb Cap Clear Dabber
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K. Haring Dab Rig
by K. Haring
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Blazer Big Shot Torch
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Source Bubbler 3 Premium V2 Kit
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Source Orb Versa V2
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Eyce Rig II
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SOS337 8.5"
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Ball Rig
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The Rio Portable Dab Rig in Black
by Stache Products
$21999 $250.00
GRAV® Milk Carton Dab Rig
by Grav
$7000 $88.99
Eyce Sidecar
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$7299 $74.99
14inch Split System Turbine Rig
by Medicali
$39500 $400.00
by 925 Smoke Shop

What Are Oil & Wax Rigs?

Oil and wax rigs are known as dab rigs. They are all about dabbing honey, budder, and shatter via a special water pipe that heats the oil or wax on a special nail. Nails come in a variety of materials, such as ceramic and titanium, and also quartz bangers.

Most oil and wax rigs are made of glass, but they can also be made of other materials. For example, silicone dab rigs provide durability that glass oil and wax rigs simply can’t compete with. But the definite dabbing standard is glass.

What Oil & Wax Rig Features Should I Be Looking For?

There are certainly a number of oil and wax rig features to be on the lookout for. Affordability is one feature to consider when buying your rig because the price tag can be pretty high on some rigs.

For instance, concentrate rigs are often smaller, more compact than the best bongs. Yes, they are both water pipes, but a rig is specialized. This makes it about the same price as a quality glass bong, if not more expensive.

Quality is a must when it comes to dabbing. Since dabbing is an artisan way to smoke, you want quality. This means that your oil and wax rig should diffuse and filter smoke like a champion. And upgrading your banger or nail is the best practice too.

What Types Of Oil & Wax Accessories Are There?

When it comes to dabbing, the oil and wax accessories are wide-ranging. From nails to nectar collectors, you can find every type of oil and wax accessory via Slyng. Here are the must-have oil and wax accessories to accompany your new dab rig

  • Quartz Bangers: Quartz may not be as durable as titanium, but titanium doesn’t serve up the flavorful, fast heating dabs as quartz bangers. Dabbers can get the right temps and enjoy dabbing all that much more.
  • Titanium And Ceramic Nails: Titanium and ceramic nails are definitely essential for your oil and wax rig. Ceramic and titanium both have great heat retention to get the best temps. Good nails for optimal dabbing pleasure.
  • Carb Caps: Buying carb caps is certainly important if you want to direct airflow and vaporize dabs at lower temps. Glass carb caps, for instance, let you get the max from your oil and wax rigs and concentrates.
  • E-Nails: E-nails, or electronic nails take the torch out of the dabbing equation. This allows you to hit each dab at the perfect temperature with zero effort. Say goodbye to too hot, or not hot enough, dabs.
  • Nectar Collectors: This is essentially an on-the-go dabbing accessory you need in your collection. Nectar collectors condense the rig to a straw-like piece to enjoy your oils and waxes anywhere you want.

There are definitely more oil and wax accessories to check out, like torches, oil and wax storage, bangers, and dab tools.

Best Oil & Wax Rigs And Accessories For Sale Online

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