Carb Caps

Carb caps are used as lids for your dab nail and dab banger. A carb cap is an essential part of your dab rig. Carb caps can direct airflow and vaporize your dabs at lower temperatures, letting you get


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Are There Carb Caps For Quartz Bangers?

Yes, there are carb caps for quartz bangers and nails. Once you are done dabbing, you can place the carb cap over your quartz banger in order to retain heat. You can also use carb caps on quartz bangers to control airflow and vaporize your concentrates more effectively and efficiently.

The type of carb cap you choose for your quartz banger and nail simply depends on the type of banger you have for your dab rig. There is a wide range of glass caps for thermal bangers, honey holes, mothership honey buckets, and much more. Slyng has the perfect carb cap for your quartz banger. Get yours online today.

What Are Directional Carb Caps?

Directional carb caps can maximize your dabbing experience, letting you push air into the hardest to hit parts of your banger. Having a directional carb cap for your dab rig setup is all about directional airflow. It has become the most popular cap for seasoned dabbers.

What Are The Benefits Of Dabbing With Carb Caps?

Using carb caps for dabbing your favorite concentrates comes with a number of benefits. Experienced dabbers know these benefits all too well. Beginner carb cap users may still need a little help. 

Here are three main benefits of using a carb cap when dabbing:

  • You can vaporize concentrates more effectively and efficiently
  • Carb caps let you retain heat after a dab hit
  • You can attain lower temperatures for dabbing

How Do I Use A Carb Cap?

Using a carb cap when dabbing is actually pretty simple. You first torch your nail and dab as you would normally. But after you dab, cap the dab with a carb cap, as you would with a lid on a pot when cooking.

Once the dab is capped, the oil will circulate as the heat is trapped and flows. The trapped heat will turn the excess oil into white milkiness that you can dab again. This gives you maximum dabbing control.

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