Dab Tools & Accessories

Dab Tools and accessories make it easier for you to use your concentrates. Dabbing tools like bangers, nails, dabbers, carb caps, torches, and more enhance your dabbing experience. Dab your favorite concentrates


by Terpometer

Why Do I Need Dab Tools?

Dabbing concentrates continues to be innovative for every style of dabber. Gone are the days of rolling and smoking dry herbs. Now you can complement your dab rig with affordable dab tools and accessories. Nails, e-nails, quartz bangers, torches, carb caps, and other dab gear maximizes your dabbing pleasure.

Dabbing is pretty awesome! But to get the most out of your oils and waxes, you need a selection of dab tools. Buying dab tools and accessories online is also easy. Quality tools for your dab rig make dabbing more convenient, more powerful, and just more fun.

What Materials Are Dab Tools Made From?

It is essential to know more about the different materials dab tools are made from. Different material means different dabbing experiences. For example, titanium dab nails heat up faster than ceramic dab nails, but ceramic dab nails will retain heat longer. Let’s take a look at different dab gear material.

The material used for dab tools and accessories:

  • Glass. Glass has always been a standard material for pretty much any type of smoking. It is easy to source, can be blown into different styles, shapes, and comes in a variety of cool colors. Sadly, glass doesn’t really fit when it comes to dabbing tools and accessories. Your dab rig may be glass, but you definitely want a different material for your dab nail or banger, like ceramic, titanium, or quartz.
  • Titanium. Titanium is a staple when it comes to dab nails. It heats up fast, holds heat fairly well, and is very durable. Many expert dabbers use titanium dab nails for their rigs.
  • Ceramic. Ceramic is just as good as titanium when it comes to dab nails. However, ceramic can take longer to heat. But the retention of heat is better, letting everyone in your dab circle dab from one heated nail. Ceramic is also not as durable as titanium.
  • Quartz. Quartz is used to make a number of nails and bangers. This material for dab tools heats fast, around 5 to 15 seconds under the torch. Quartz has been touted as offering the best dab flavor.

What Are The Different Dabbing Tools?

When it comes to dab tools and accessories, the options are endless. From bangers to e-nails, Slyng has a great variety of dabbing tools for any dabber. Let’s take a look at the most common types of dabbing tools you can buy online.

  • Dab Bangers: Quartz bangers are a must for your dabbing tool collection. Bangers come in different styles, like male and female quartz bangers, depending on the size of your dab rig’s joint opening. Quartz bangers also deliver a strong, flavorful dab.
  • Dab Nails: Dab nails are must-have dabbing tools because each type of dab nail serves up a different dabbing experience. From titanium and ceramic nails to quartz nails, you absolutely need a few different types of dab nails in your arsenal.
  • Nectar Collectors: If you want to take dabbing on-the-go, you definitely need a nectar collector. It is a premier dabbing tool that makes dabbing portable.
  • Dab Carb Caps: Carb caps allow you to restrict airflow to your water pipe in order to get the perfect temperature while maximizing the flavor of your dab. When placing the carb cap over your nail also lets you retain heat longer, and get the absolute most out of each dab.

Buy Dab Tools & Accessories Online

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