E-Nails are a must for dabbers that want to get the best out of their concentrates. Electronic nails for dabbing let you dab without a torch. This gives you the perfect temp with each dab. And it is less


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Why Buy E-Nails For Dabbing?

E-nails, also known as electronic nails, eliminate the need for a torch. They let you heat concentrates (oils and waxes) to the perfect temperature every time without fail. Electric nails for dabbing also keep the nail heated until you turn the electronic dab device off. This makes it easier to have a dab session without constantly heating up your favorite concentrates each time someone needs to dab.

Electronic nails also take away the learning curve for beginner dabbers. Finding the right temperature can be hard when first starting out with concentrates and dab rigs. But with e-nails, the learning curve is pretty much eliminated. Without torches, dabbing is easy, fast, and can be done on-the-go.

What Is A Portable E-Nail For Dabs?

Normally you have a dab rig that you break out at home when you want to dab. This all changes when using e-nails, because you can essentially make dabbing portable. Portable electric nails for dabbing are used with portable vaporizers that have a dabbing feature.

Portable dab devices that are also vaporizers are often handheld and can be taken with you when traveling, hiking, hanging with friends at the park or beach, and more. They are truly portable. Having portable e-nails is a must for dabbing on-the-go. 

You will want to find a portable electric dab nail that meets your budget because they can be as much as $1,000 in some cases. For top-quality, the more expensive, the better. However, you can find pretty decent portable e-nails and vaporizers in the $300 to $500. It simply depends on your budget and dabbing needs.

Should I Buy An Electric Nail For Dabbing?

Is buying an e-nail right for you? This is definitely a matter of your personal dabbing preference. The technology is great for beginners to dabbing and is a good fit for seasoned dabbers that enjoy concentrates more than other cannabis products.

E-nails are great for social dabbing too. Since they are so easy to use and retain heat over an entire dab session, it makes them a top choice for group dabbing. Whether you use electronic nails at home, or if it is a social thing, having e-nails in your dabbing arsenal may not be a bad idea.

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