Oil & Wax Storage

Oil & Wax Storage helps you contain your sticky wax, oil, and shatter. These oil and wax dab accessories are great for keeping your concentrates fresh and ready to go. From silicone cubes to stackable


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Why Do I Need Oil & Wax Storage?

One of the main reasons you need oil and wax storage in your dabbing arsenal is that concentrates can be tough to handle. Oils and waxes are sticky, and sometimes pretty messy. This makes having a storage container for your oil and dab concentrates a must.

Storage like silicone containers make handling and storing your concentrates easier. Oil and wax storage containers also decrease the actual handling of the material, which can degrade the quality of your concentrates due to the oils and bacteria on our skin.

How Do I Buy The Right Oil & Wax Storage Containers For Me?

This is a pretty common question dabbers ask. From wax pens and nectar collectors to dab rigs, an optimal dabbing experience begins with breaking out your favorite concentrates from your oil and wax container.

Here are a few tips to choosing the right oil and dab container:

  • Material is important. Having the right material is the first step in choosing the perfect dab concentrate container. Glass jars are great for dabbing with a nectar collector. This is because you can heat the hard to reach places in the jar to get all your concentrates out. Silicone is also optimal since it is non-stick.
  • Match your style. The style of your oil and wax storage container can match your personal style, as well as your dabbing style. If you prefer a discreet container, you can definitely find that. Size goes hand-in-hand with style. If you are an on-the-go dabber, a smaller container may be best.

What Is A Silicone Dab Container?

Silicone dab containers are great storage for your favorite concentrates. These types of containers are non-stick, airtight, and protect your oils and waxes from any damaging oxygen or light.

If you are a frequent dabber, silicone is the best option. You definitely don’t want to lose any valuable terpenes. Silicone is also important if you have animals because the seal keeps hair out of your concentrates.

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