Titanium & Ceramic Nails

Titanium & Ceramic Nails are essential dab rig tools for maximum concentrate dabbing. If your dab rig has a standard nail, it is for titanium or ceramic nail upgrade. There are also domeless titanium nails


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What Are Titanium Dab Rig Nails?

Titanium dab rig nails, or Ti nails, have been in use since the beginning of dabbing. Titanium is the traditional dabbing nail material that serves up variety, durability, and consistency. When heating your concentrates, titanium nails heat fast and have heat retention benefits for about 30 seconds after the dab torch is removed from the nail.

There are two disadvantages when using a titanium nail with your dab rig. The first disadvantage is that titanium nails are not food grade approved, like quartz bangers and nails. The other disadvantage is that titanium nails do not serve up the flavor of other nails.

Titanium nails are still a great choice, especially if you need a durable dab rig nail that delivers a great dabbing experience. Shop our wide range of titanium nails and get the best nails online at an affordable price.

What Are Ceramic Dab Rig Nails?

Ceramic dab rig nails offer a great dabbing experience with some benefits that outpace using titanium nails. Ceramic nails are generally approved as food safe grade material, making them a healthier choice, because gases may not be emitted when dabbing.

Unfortunately, ceramic dab rig nails take longer to heat up. This is what makes them slightly less enticing than the Ti nail. But the good news is that ceramic nails will retain heat longer once heated to the perfect temperature. 

Ceramic can retain heat for up to a minute after the torch is removed. This makes ceramic dab rig nails a must for dabbing sessions with friends, or if you are dabbing in colder weather.

One of the biggest disadvantages of using a ceramic nail is that they are far less durable than quartz nails and titanium nails. This is simply because they are made of ceramic material. If dropped, or exposed to extreme heat or cold, the nail could be damaged.

Titanium Nails Vs. Ceramic Nails

There are a few key benefits for each type of dab rig nail. Let’s take a closer look at how titanium nails and ceramic nails stack up.

  • Heat Time: Titanium nails heat up faster than ceramic nails, around 30 seconds faster, depending on circumstances.
  • Heat Retention: Titanium and ceramic dab rig nails both retain heat very well. Ceramic may be better for heat retention, but they are both better than quartz nails.
  • Food/Medical Grade: Ceramic nails are generally food and medical grade approved. Titanium nails are not.
  • Durability: Titanium is unmatched when it comes to durability. Ceramic nails are simply too fragile to compete with titanium nails when it comes to this comparison.

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