Torches are important for dabbers, and any serious herb smokers. If you have a dab rig ready to fire up, you need a scorch torch butane lighter. Torches for dabbing heat up dab nails, bangers, and other


Why Do I Need A Dab Torch?

Dab torches are a must-have essential for your dabbing set up. You probably invested money and time getting your dab rig exactly how you want it for the ultimate dabbing experience. So you definitely need a dab torch to ensure you get maximum heat to your dab nail and/or quartz banger.

Butane torches are more than just lighters. They are the spark of heat you need to heat your dab nails to the exact temperature you want in order to enjoy the best, most powerful hit. 

You can expect heat from dab torches to hit in upwards of 2000ºF. There is no regular, store-bought lighter that can do that. You absolutely need specialized torch lighters to get the dab nail heating done the right way.

You can use dab torches on quartz bangers and nails, titanium nails, ceramic nails, and with your favorite nectar collectors. Get you torch with Slyng today.

How Do I Use Dab Torches?

Dab torches are butane torch lighters that are very easy to use. In fact, they are easier to use than ordinary store-bought lighters. Here’s how to use a dab torch:

  1. Flip to the “off” position to unlock the safety latch on the dab torch
  2. Press on the lighter trigger to get the heat torch going
  3. Begin heating your dab rig nail for up to three minutes
  4. Hit your dab rig and relock the torch to the safety position

How Do I Refill A Butane Torch Lighter?

After a while of dabbing with a butane torch lighter, you will need to refill it. Normally, you will realize that the torch is not reaching the heat you want, indicating it is time for a butane refill.

The good news is that butane lighters are very easy to refill. Here’s how you can refill your butane torch lighter:

  • First, you will need to purchase a butane refill canister
  • Next, turn the butane lighter upside down to access the refill hole
  • Place the nozzle of the refill canister into the refill hole and apply pressure
  • The canister will begin refilling your dab torch

It is easy to refill your butane lighter. Once refilled, you are ready to maximize heat when dabbing.

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